Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 13

Should…should we just skip Vol. 13?

(You guys know the part in the Rescuers when they’re getting on Orville and Bernard stops:

“There’s thirteen steps on this ladder,” he says
“Well, just jump the last one!” Bianca answers.

I wanted to find that gif. It could not be found)

audrey charade

gifs: charade | Tumblr

Audrey Hepburn GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Oh I’m sorry what? I was just appreciating Audrey Hepburn.

It was snowing today (well, er, yesterday by the time you read this), so if the White Witch would just come forth and reveal herself, that would be great. Because I will FIGHT her with my own bare hands!!!!!! LET ME AT HER!!!!

As much as I’ve been boasting about how well editing Lily has been coming (are you sick of hearing me say it yet????? I AM) the things that need to be fixed are starting to pile up and I just haha, heh.

Like, I still haven’t touched the ending. And like there are continuity issues. And I just um…*slams button and keeps listening to Disney music and the Mandalorian on repeat*

Like I think WOW THIS IS GREAT and then WOW I HOPE THIS WORKS. A part of me feels like, “you know what, this is getting really polished and nice,” and the other “this is an absolute dumpster fire none of the character arcs are finished and I still haven’t researched Vermont floral and fauna.”

Also my ALLERGIES. I just *croaks* need some more tea. Just need to lie in bed like the fragile sister of a Jane Austen protagonist.

brain cloud

Oh and I finally ordered a mask. Guess what? Guess what color it is? Guess! Guess! Guess! *jumps up and down like a crazed monkey*

Black. *crowd groans*. This way I’ll look like a bank robber when I don my hoodie and jeans and go buy my mac and cheese.

Speaking of monkeys, you know that video that was going around the social medias of a monkey on a motor bike supposedly kidnapping a child?? Apparently, it was not kidnapping a child, but was actually a street performance gone wrong. Anyway.

Not gonna lie, when I first heard of it I was told the rumor was that they were training monkeys to ride motorcycles to kidnap children. And I just….

Like if someone was pitching that to me I’d be like “get outta here” BUT, I also just had the terrifying image of monkeys (like BIG monkeys, chimp monkeys) driving Harleys and swooping children off the street and the TERROR. Like someone please write this thriller it will be absolutely terrifying.

It can be the prequel to Planet of the Apes.

Ok wow what was this post? I told you we should skip number 13. Now will someone excuse me I’m going to take an allergy pill, don my mask, and go a-hunting for the White Witch (she won’t trick me with her Turkish Delight).



One response to “Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 13”

  1. This was amazing. Bernard, Audrey, The WW, Tom Hanks, what else do you need?


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