April Wrap Up: Wait….did April even happen???

So I was out on a walk with my mom last night, a lovely winter *ahem* I mean spring walk (can someone send me the weather men’s address so I can ask him why it’s so cold??) and all of sudden I stopped and wailed up to the sky:

“I have to write a BLOG.”

So here I am. I realized that it’s a new month (I keep writing down in my journal that it’s April. No it ain’t), so here is my monthly wrap up: (buckle up).

I haven’t read much lately (though I’m ALMOST done with the Silmarillion and after that I’m gonna read…hmm, something fun I hope), and writing wise I’m still plugging away at edits on Lily (you’re probably sick of hearing me say this). So the question remains…what DID happen in April???


I know I watched some movies (the Last Full Measure was good, and My Man Godfrey was a good old ’36 screwball comedy). Also enjoyed some old Tom Hanks movies (I wish I could explain Joe Versus the Volcano to you but, alas, I cannot. It defies explanation. It’s everything.)

I listened to the Mandalorian soundtrack a lot (another thing you’re probably sick of hearing me say).

I gave myself ballet class in my living room, using Hans Zimmer and How to Train Your Dragon (See You Tomorrow is a perfect song for frappes. And no, I don’t mean the beverage).

I walked, I ran (please listen to Run Boy Run by Woodkid JUST DO IT). I did this, I did that, etc.


Overall, April merged into the Blur of the Endless Pandemic Years *months*.

Now that I look back at April (I literally looked back at it. I pulled out my planner because I can’t remember what happened) it was a looooong month (and snowy. Rude). Made longer by the fact that nothing really happened.

It’s kind of a bummer, because usually April is like the last “hurrah”. The ballet company’s season ends with our spring production (usually first weekend of May or last of April) and then it’s SUMMER. I have a break through the summer months, get to change things up, rest my body, try new things, go on some trips, work on new writing projects etc. Whole new world. May is always an exciting month.

Now it’s…Oh whoopie doo. Look, it’s another month. 

However, since it is now May, that means I need to hurry up with editing Lily because I planned to finish my first draft of Michigan Triangle starting in June….oi. And I need to do some plotting for it.


Ok well it looks like I better get cracking.

How was April for YOU? Do anything fun??? Anything at all???



One response to “April Wrap Up: Wait….did April even happen???”

  1. Hi, Bernadette: April was a great gardening month….the beds are nearly ready, but, alas, the weather turned to what I would imagine Canada would be like in April….like, it is predicted that the temperature will drop to 31 tonight or tomorrow night….or, whatever. the next 2 weeks are not garden planting weather. So, all my girls (herbs, tomatoe plants, flowers) are inside my patio door yearning (and leaning) to go outside every day. I tell them to be patient, they are going to have to wait! They are not happy….so I pray and touch each one lovingly…..

    I am trying to construct a wind break for my 3rd floor deck….the wind simply will not stop. Not even in the nighttime. Oh, well, got to keep adjusting to new ways on gardening this year, that’s all!

    I love your blog even if you do repeat yourself. The small video is new!



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