No Plot Twist is Better Than a Bad Plot Twist

No plot twist is better than a bad plot twist.

Plot twists aren’t just there for thrills. That’s what explosions are for. Plot twists should make you gasp and jump off the couch and impact the story DRAMATICALLY.

So I just got to get these things off my chest….

Ant Man

ant man

This (not Thomas) has bugged me for YEARS (SINCE 2015 GUYS). Its towards the end of the movie, when they are in Pym Tech, the heist in progress, Hank and Hope are there in the chamber with Cross and some the guys for the big reveal of the Yellow Jack suit and everything.

Things start to go south, yada yada.

Mitchell Carson (I’m pretty sure is this guy’s name), has been around since the beginning of the movie, sort of in the background. He worked for SHIELD, was kinda scummy and cut a deal with Cross for the Yellow Jacket suit etc. We know all this. He’s one of the bad guys. Whatever.

At this point, (when they’re in the chamber etc etc) after things go south, Cross casually drops that Carson and his cronies work for HYDRA.

PAUSE. Here’s the problem with that:

It’s suppose to be like “no, they work for HYDRA! They’re gonna get the Yellow Jacket suit! Oh no! Plot twist: the bad guys are even badder. They’re HYDRA!!”

You know what the problem is with that? We already knew Carson was bad. It really didn’t matter who he worked for. Who cared if he was an illegal arms dealer or worked for the US Government?? The point was, the shrinking tech was SO dangerous that no one should have it, no matter who it was.

The other problem was that people being a part of HYDRA is no longer a plot twist by the time Ant Man was released. It came out in 2015, a WHOLE YEAR after Captain America: the Winter Soldier came out in which it was revealed that SHIELD was HYDRA all along. So it how zero shock effect and zero effect on the plot.

You could cut that line and NOTHING in the movie would change. You know what would have happened? Cross would still try to kill Hank, Scott would attack, everyone would escape in the chopper etc etc.

That fact that Carson and his cronies were HYDRA had zero effect on the plot, except to say “look! They’e sooo evil!” which….we already knew.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil


OVERALL, I did really enjoy this movie. Watch it. It’s fun. If you haven’t SPOILERS. STOP AND READ NO FURTHER LEST YOU FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS.

BUT ANYWAY, so, this plot twist DID have more effect on the story. As in, if you cut it out, a lot in the plot would have to be changed. Scenes added, scenes cuts, etc. YET, the story wouldn’t really change.

I’m talking about the addition of the Dark Fey and Maleficent’s origins.

Here’s the thing: through neither the first or second movie, where Maleficent came from was never a question. Maleficent never felt like she wanted to find people “like” her, and that she felt out of place in the world. The Moors were her home, and she was the Queen. End of story.

BUT THEN, in the second movie, it turns out that she is a part of the Dark Fey, a race that has been in hiding since humans started to kill them etc. They end up attacking Ulstead etc. She goes with them etc.

The PROBLEM with this is  that the creatures of Moors had the same grievance and very easily could have attacked Ulstead instead of the Dark Fey. OR, since they were all excited to go to the wedding, there was a segment of creatures on the Moors that wanted to have war instead of a uniting of the two lands.

The only thing that kinda affected Maleficent was that she was a descendant of the Phoenix (not gonna lie, when I looked up and saw that giant, flaming fossil I was like “she came from a dinosaur????”). This enable her to rise from her ashes when she’s killed etc etc.

But like…..the Dark Fey looked nothing like a Phoenix. Maleficent didn’t have fire powers. It just…didn’t make sense.

And in the end, Maleficent went back to what she did before. Ruling the Moors. Nothing really changed for her, except that there was finally peace between Ulstead and the Moors.

So what was the point to add the Dark Fey? Except hey, this seems interesting. Let’s have more flying things!!!!

Honorary Mention

Of course then there is my favorite plot twist in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom when it turns out at the end that the little girl is a clone LIKE WHAT. I THOUGH THIS MOVIE WAS ABOUT DINOSAURS.

OK, anyway thanks for listening to me rant there thanks bye now.


3 responses to “No Plot Twist is Better Than a Bad Plot Twist”

  1. Okay, but really, what was up with that clone plot twist?? Literally the weirdest thing at the end of a movie, ever!


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