5 Elements I Love Writing in Stories

There are just some things I love to write (and some things I hate too…like oh gosh if characters have to kiss what do I do). Some things that show up because I WANT IT. (some things just don’t show up enough in my opinion though my stories sometime have their own).

So here are five things you shouldn’t be surprised in my stories (in fact, you should almost expect them). Pull up a lawn chair and a glass of iced tea if it’s warm enough out. (not here, it’s going to snow this evening though I’m pretty sure that’s illegal)



FIGHTS. ALL THE FIGHT SCENES. *explosions* *stabs* *punches* *bing* *bang* *boom you’re an American hero* I honestly sometimes have too many fights. Oops.


Weird houses. Weird houses are just so thematic?? Like, super old huge houses or ludicrously fancy mansions. Giant paintings on the walls. Small houses. Maybe a sentient house??? (one of these days!!!!)


Running/escaping/chase scenes. Running through the woods, riding a horse, running through a weird house while fighting. I feel like there are sooo many good scenes like this in books. I particularly have a memory of Other Side of the Island by Allegra Goodman where Honor is running in the woods during a storm and she gets scraped and muddied…(wow those were ye olden days when YA dystopia was IT.)


Weather. Weather. has. so. much. to. add. to. a. story. Like what would the Battle of Helm’s Deep be without the rain? Give me dramatic sunsets and wind and snow and storms and yellow sunrises. Just basically I want everything to be as gorgeous as this shot:



Super powerful girls. ’nuff said.

scarlet witch

*drum roll* and there you have it folks. I struggled for hours staring at a blinking cursor to come up with this (this whole quarantine thing is doing something to my blogging creativity). If you have anything you want to hear from me (things about writing, my life, fun facts, whatever) drop in the comments below!

(Though I do feel a little bit of a ranty blog post coming together in my head.)

4 responses to “5 Elements I Love Writing in Stories”

  1. Haha great list!
    You always have a knack for finding interesting things to write about. Notes on things like this! (I love your Saturday Morning posts even if I don’t get around to commenting on them. :P)
    *raises hand* I want a sentient house. Please, thank you. XD

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    1. ahh so glad you like the Saturday Morning posts!!! Sentient house coming right up! (hopefully xp)

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  2. I’m honestly jealous of you for loving fight scenes because THEY SCARE ME SO MUCH. I only like writing fight scenes if both characters have no idea what they’re doing. Because I have no idea either. (I have reread a couple of my fight scenes and decided that they weren’t too bad, though!)

    I LOVE WRITING CREEPY HOUSES TOO. I’ve had sentient castles and palaces in a couple of my stories, and they were so fun to write.


    1. I have totally used the have clueless characters because I’m clueless to about something XD. Honestly, I think the only reason I’m able to write fight scenes is because I read/watch SO much stuff like that.


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