Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 8

*creaks open the door to my bunker* “Is it over yet guys?”

*man in a hazmat suit and disinfectant comes running at me* *ducks back down*

Besides the Attack of the Great Spider (please put out a notice that Shelob is NOT welcome in my bathroom), it’s been fairly smooth sailing around these parts. I started reading the Silmarillion again (Confession: I never actually finished it the first time round ok don’t throw things at me please and thank you).

Gems from this editing this week:

  • He grabbed the wall with his hands (what was he suppose to grab it with?? His teeth???
  • And the ultimate word salad, she sat on the couch on their her cup of coffee

OOO we (the fam) also started watching The Mandalorian this week.

baby yoda
ok “the kid” stole my heart. He’s such a cute little bundle

Honestly I don’t have much else to say because I feel like we’re in this weird swirling vortex where every freaking day is the same thing and we’re all just wandering round like zombies and all I want to do is eat muffins and cookies (ok and write. Honestly if I had zero other responsibilities I would just be writing this whole time but strangely I’m still fairly busy with lot’s of stuff which is weird but whatever).

And that’s the other thing: generally in life you can plan ahead and know what’s going to happen (You’ll go to work, you got that trip coming up, your going to go here and there, etc etc.) With this thing THERE IS NO PLANNING AHEAD. A lot of states have the shelter in place being over by April 6, but is that really going to happen? Two weeks ago things were changing by the hour so I don’t even know anymore.

Anyway, I’m heading back into the timeless vortex to work on taxes (yippy yay). Live long and prosper folks.


3 responses to “Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 8”

  1. Baby Yoda is a gift to this world, honestly. *heart eyes*
    Wow, that’s lucky that the shelter-at-home is ending early in some states. In Minnesota, it’s going till April 10, and could possibly be extended. *anguish* I AM NOT GIVING UP EASTER.
    Have fun in the timeless vortex! XD

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    1. The hope is it ends by april 6 but I’m doubting this more and more *cries* I hope up guys don’t get extended more and don’t give up Easter!!! It comes no matter what!!

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  2. Baby Yoda is cuuute I love him

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