“Never Have I Ever ” Writing Tag

I did not actually get tagged for this BUT I’m in desperate need of a blog idea as all this quarantine isn’t exactly inspiring me. I’ve seen this on multiple blogs so I guess I’ll tag at least two people who I KNOW I read their answers, Jenna and Kenzie

So, without further ado, go forth and learn my deepest and darkest secrets.

never have i ever

Never Have I Ever Started a Novel I Did Not Finish

HA. (this means that I have plenty of unfinished novels)

Never Have I Ever Written a Story Completely by Hand

Unless stories written in middle school count, no. I have simply ghastly handwriting (I CAN however do nice lettering and stuff like that. Not just like, regular letters. Fancy letters yes), and if I wrote a whole book by hand it would 1: take forever. 2: look awful. 3: I might not be to understand what it says when I’m done.

Never Have I Ever Changed Tenses Midway Through a Story

Um, haha. Yeah about that…I have changed tenses and even POV because sometimes my BRAIN JUST DIES, and sometimes I honestly can’t recall if something is written in 1st person or 3rd.

Never Have I Ever Not Researched Anything Before Starting a Story

First off, I’m not sure how far back these  questions intend to go in my writing career (do my 9 year old stories count?). Again, in middle school I researched SQUAT. Now a days though, hmmmm….don’t think I have???? I feel like I at least research SOMETHING. Like, names.

Never Have I Ever Changed My Protagonist’s Name Halfway Through the Draft

Protag no. Everyone else, yes. My side character’s are lucky if their names don’t change, or if they all of a sudden get a name halfway through.

Never Have I Ever Written A Story in a Month of Less

Story not novel, eh?? THEN YES. I wrote the Faerie Prince in less than a week in the middle of Nutcracker madness.

Never Have I Ever Fallen Asleep When Writing

Wait….you guys sleep?????

Never Have I Ever Yelled in All Caps in the Middle of a Novel

I honestly don’t know. My ancient memory fails me.

Never Have I Ever Corrected Someone’s Grammar irl/online

NEVER online, that’s just rude. Real life however….

Never Have I Ever Used “I’m Writing” As an Excuse

Heck I use it every day. The ultimate benefit of treating writing as a job.

Never Have I Ever Killed a Character Based off Someone in Real Life

Never have I ever based a character off of someone in real life. So there.

Never Have I Ever Used Pop Culture References in a Story

Again, my memory fails me. Honestly I write words and then forget them. I mean that’s the point of writing them down right? You don’t have to remember what they are??

I however do like leaving Easter eggs in stories *wiggle eyebrows*

Never Have I Ever Written Between the Hours of 1 am and 6 am

YES I HAVE BABY. Those are the hours of glory during the first night of Nanowrimo

Never Have I Ever Drank an Entire Pot of Coffee While Writing

I’ve never even drank a full pot of coffee. A pot of tea however…

Never Have I Ever Written Down Dreams for Potentials for Novels

Yes, though it’s rare because most of the time things are just too weird.

Never Have I Published an Unedited story on internet/blog/Wattpad 


Never Have I Ever Procrastinated Homework Because I Wanted to Write

I was homschooled  and didn’t go to college so never had homework sooooo I think I’m disqualified *buzzer rings*

Never Have I Ever Written So Long That my Wrists Hurt

My hands shake does that count?

Never Have I Ever Spilled a Drink on My Laptop While Writing

It has been years, centuries, since such a tragedy has occurred.

Never Have I Ever Forgotten to Save My Work/Draft

Nope. *knocks on wood*

Never Have I Ever Finished a Novel

8 to be exact.

Never Have I Ever Laughed like an Evil Villain While Writing a Scene

Softly. Some soft villainous chuckles.

Never Have I Ever Cried While Writing a Scene

Maybe? Maybe a teensy weensy bit? There was one scene that I wrote that left me shaking afterwards if that counts.

Never Have I Ever Created Maps for Fictional Worlds

I used to ALL THE TIME.

Never Have I Ever Researched Anything Shady for a Novel

*peeks around dark corner* psssst! Hey! Want to tell me about train hopping and drugs?

*Drumroll* THE END

I feel like most people at this point have done this tag, but if you haven’t NOW IS YOUR CHANCE.


6 responses to ““Never Have I Ever ” Writing Tag”

  1. This was fun to read! Thanks Bernadette! Here’s some fun facts: You will never get laid off and you will never be told you have to work at home. That’s pretty cool! Have an awesome day at work!!!!

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  2. The part about train hopping and drugs made me laugh. XD I enjoyed reading this!

    Liked by 2 people

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