My Continuing Weird Relationship with Coffee Shops

Let it be known that I hate writing in coffee shops.

However, twice this year I have found myself sitting down at a coffee with my laptop and working on something (new year? new me? I DON’T THINK SO. *takes a punch at “new”*). You may wonder how I found myself at a coffee shop since I hate working at coffee shops. Well, it is a tale of abduction and pixies that smell of bitter beans and cinnamon.

Ok, fine. I got here out of my own free well. In fact, I am sitting in one now. *insert noises of baristas clanging behind the counter and people talking about Lent and a cute little kid chewing on a piece of toast and a girl really feeling the artsyness with her striped, mustard sweater and hat. If only I could see what book she is reading*

The first time I went to a coffee shop this year, it was because I needed to kill some time, so I went in and worked out some plot problems and got a free (well 50 cent) cup of coffee somehow. Yay.

The SECOND time (this time) is because I am experience an acute case of cabin fever. I GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS PLACE, IF IT’S THE LAST THING I EVER DO. GIRL THERE’S A BETTER LIFE, FOR ME AND YOOOOOOOUUUU.

Last night I went up to the store, but instead of just going home I took the looooong way home and just made a big circle while I drove with the windows down and tunes playing.

So, since it’s Sunday (though I am publishing this on Wednesday), I decided I needed to get out of the house and DO SOMETHING. So I am sitting in a local coffee joint furiously typing away at this hyped up with a chai tea latte.

But I do I have to say it: I still hate writing at coffee shops. I’m not sure I could really write (like do some good drafting or editing), because it would be hard for me to get into it, I like to mumble things and make weird faces, and plus if I stay anywhere longer than an hour and I will have to go to the bathroom but I don’t want to lose my seat/I don’t trust people enough to just let my laptop sit there for someone to snatch away.

(I was listening to a podcast lately where they were talking about this problem (and other coffee shop dos and don’ts) and they just all agreed to leave your stuff? Like yeah, it’s just a general trust, especially if you know your shop/area. Wow, you people are really trusting).

I also find it sometimes weird to be writing like a dramatic death scene while people all around and you got teenagers next to you working on homework, or writing a bloody fight scene while ladies are chatting about their grandchildren or trying to write a romantic scene (like I ever can) and just….it’s uncomfortable and weird.

I can see the benefits of low distractions. It’s different from being at home where you can just lay down on your bed and get sucked into social media or start vacuuming instead of editing, BUT, how do you get in the zone????  How do you immerse yourself in a world that is definitely not the coffee shop?

Of course my other problem is all the things you have to do to leave the house. You gotta put nice clothes on (THERE’S A DOGGY OUTSIDE. GUYS HE’S A CUT BIG BOY HE’S LOOKING IN THE WINDOW. LET HIM INSIDE. Now kids are petting him but did not let him inside. He’s looking inside again. He wants a puppichino), put everything you need in a bag, you need moolah to buy coffee with, you have to get in the car, etc.

Too. Much. Work.

Except today because I went to church so I already had clothes on and my laptop was all packed up from yesterday. So, hey. That’s how I got here. Plus like I just don’t want to be home so here I am.

How do you feel about coffee shops?

Header Photo by Karl Fredrickson on Unsplash

7 responses to “My Continuing Weird Relationship with Coffee Shops”

  1. I’m the same way about writing in public. I like muttering to myself occasionally as I write, darn it! (And of course the occasional witch’s cackle) ;-)

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    1. yes the evil laughter! XD

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  2. I relate with this so much.
    I love coffeeshops but I hate writing in them. And I really don’t want my laptop stolen thanks. xD

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  4. As a writer, I like to camp out at home. That being said I have an espresso machine and drip maker at my disposal. I have my favorite coffee shops I use to meet and socialize.
    But, since I can drink quite a bit of coffee while writing, I would most likely spend way to much on coffee if I wrote away from home.

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    1. That too! Much cheaper to drink coffee at home XD


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