Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 5

Every time I’ve been sitting down to write this, it turns into a whole ‘nother blog post that requires it’s own headline. So here I am, trying to write this for the THIRD time.

Third time’s a charm, right? Right????

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: this year has been going slow on the reading and writing front. Editing Lily has been slow, and I’m still waiting for someone to be done reading Silver so I can start querying and then promptly hide myself away in Greenland.

Lily is coming along…strangely well? Besides last Monday of Awful Moodiness, I’ve been feeling fairly good about it. There are a few scenes I still need to rewrite/add (and also one part that I’m just stuck at. I need a scene to show what my MC has been doing for the past three years of herself, but I cannot think of anything to save my life. Help. SOS). After that’s done…

Line edit?? *screams and sirens and the four horsemen approach*

I’m not a huge fan of line editing, but the scenes are so junky. Like, I can still see where the story needs to be changed in big ways, but without the smaller ways being fixed it’s also hard to tell, you know what I mean???

Basically, where is the line drawn between “I’m just fixing sentences” and “but this scene reads so terribly I need to fix it up to see if it’s any good” ???

I don’t want to slave over fixing up scenes that I will delete later (done that), but at the same time I don’t think I’ll know what to delete unless everything is actually readable an well written.

Basically what I’m saying is that I think a line edit/spruce up all scenes needs to be under way.

So the question for everyone is when do you start on making individual scenes better vs rewrites??? (Heavy editing, like taking out/adding characters, changing out large selection of scenes etc.)

In other news, I’ve been enjoying the haphazard Midwest weather. (It snowed yesterday, will be 60 on Monday.) And have been trying to wash hands/use sanitizer like crazy because a certain virus has decided it would like to try and make homes in the human body. Excuse me sir, you are not invited.



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