Saturday Morning Post Vol. 4

I think I write too much because I’m beginning to make up ways to spell things (not misspell, but I actually just think that a word is spelled totally differently am I losing my mind cast your vote). Example: I wrote “shrowded” instead of “shrouded.”

I just noticed that it’s the last week of February (um…ok.)

I read one book this month. On the Edge of Infinity, a biography of Michael D O’Brien. We could have done without the author for some reason explaining the plot of the Matrix all of a sudden like yes I know that computers and the internet exists and there were (are) a lot of people who were very apprehensive when things started out but really. Also Terminator. Why. This has nothing to do with the person’s biography since he’s a painter and I’m pretty never even saw those movies.

Anyway. So I read that.

I decorated my room for spring (featuring MUSHROOMS AND OTHER HOBBITNESS), and mostly with writing I’ve been editing Lily. Slowly.

What I’ve been noticing more and more is how much I love drafting. I love just sitting down and writing and plotting and thinking up new ideas and just pounding out words like who cares if this sentence is a word salad served with too much ranch, I’m having fun.

And then editing is like pulling the teeth from a rhinoceros, wondering which you should do first and what is the most likely way you will die.

Of course there are fun things to editing. New scenes still have to be written, new characters may show up, it’s exciting to see things polished up till they semi resemble what you wanted the story to look like in the first place (I swear no story ends up being exactly what I had in mind in the beginning. But that’s ok, usually what I end up having is better anyway).

On a side note, my iphone knows what music I want to play at certain times, because the album pops up when I plug in my headphones. Meaning, my iphone knows that I prefer to listen to Batman Begins at 8 am. Sometimes you just want to start your morning with a loud VWOMP, vwomp, vwomp, VWOMP…

How’s YOUR week been? How’s the writing been going? Doing anything fun this weekend? What do you like to listen to in the morning? Music? Silence? Birds tweeting? (no I just see a bunch of little birdies on their phones).

3 responses to “Saturday Morning Post Vol. 4”

  1. I will sometimes substitute words for completely different, slightly similar sounding words. IT’S SO ANNOYING WHEN I DO THAT. I wish I could just leave out letters like normal people with typos.

    I actually tend to like editing more than drafting most of the time, strangely enough. Although of course I love drafting too.

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    1. I have to ask….what’s the secret to liking editing???? (from someone who is deep in the weeds and struggling XD)

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      1. I think it’s more comforting for me to take something existing and make it better, rather than to get something bad onto the page. So I guess I like editing because of insane perfectionism, but of course that quality is a major drawback in other parts of writing XD

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