Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 3

I’m sitting here listening to the Gladiator soundtrack blasting in the background, with the evening sun shooting through my window (not literally, if it was I wouldn’t be here and neither would anyone else).

The light is CHANGING and I’m over here like WOW IT’S LIGHT OUT AT 5:00 PM????

The Dark Days of Winter are coming to an end. Until March comes and we’ll end up getting some freak snowstorms.

Still editing Lily (as I will be doing for the presumable next 100 years or so). Almost done with my first round of big edits. There still are several scenes I have to completely rewrite for the end, and one in the middle. And so far my experiment of not doing any line editing is going well. Kudos to me. I have resisted the temptations of fixing sentences and bad description. Except now I just kinda feel like the whole MS is a dumpster fire.

At least the plot of getting better.

I found myself writing in a Starbucks this week (please read about my long standing hate of writing in coffee shops. It’s an oldie but a goodie), and I DO still hate writing in coffee shops ( and public in general. Public = distracting, weird, what happens if you have to go to the bathroom? Are you going to leave your laptop on a table for some rude person to snatch up? Are you going to take it with you and leave your seat for someone else to take and when you come out you are stranded without a home???). But I did get some brainstorming done so that was good.

I  also have a quote for you from Lily. I hope you all will find it as funny as I do.

“No. But we do know the family of the last people who were in there.” She looked up at Elisha. “Want some lunch?”

“It’s 3 am.”

Because SOME of my characters are totally sleep deprived and have forgotten what day it is and aren’t sure if it’s yesterday, today, or tomorrow. (Actually all my characters end of being sleep deprived at some point. I just forget that my characters need to sleep. Oops).

I also wrote at some point (could be last week, could be ten years ago, who knows) that I think is cute.

On my little spaceship
Zipping through the galaxies
Waving at the stars
Dropping letters off at the moon



That’s all for today folks! *turns off mic*

3 responses to “Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 3”

  1. Ey. The Gladiator Soundtrack is brilliant and I realized that after I watched the movie for the first time last month and realized how incredibly amazing and brilliant it is. Wow. It is seriously epic.
    Haha my dad and I were just talking about the going-to-the-bathroom-what-do-you-do-with-your-laptop age old question. xD

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    1. YES! I’m not the only one about the bathroom situation! Been bugging me for YEARS. And yes the Gladiator soundtrack is soooo epic


  2. At college you could leave anything anywhere but unfortunately I feel like I have to pack up then re-set up when I’m in a Starbucks/coffee shop situation 😖 though I have had people ask me to watch their things for a minute while they went…

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