Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 2

*This is my weekly whatever where I go on about whatever is on my mind*

Oh gosh how I love the Interstellar soundtrack.

Yes, I’ve been ranting and raving about it for the past 6 years and I won’t stop ranting and raving about it till never.

In other news, it’s finally like winter around here with ice and snow storms and waking up to everything white outside and stumbling around with my robe on inside out and the one time I didn’t put my car in the garage and was hacking ice off it for ten minutes straight the next morning.

Such is the Midwest life.

Been feeling like I’ve been starting the new year off sloooooow (ok, not EVERYTHING has been slow.) but with reading and writing I mean. Been mulling my way through books, mulling my way through editing.

The only thing I’m not mulling through is Silver. I’m standing stock still in a puddle while waiting for some peeps to do some last read throughs before I send it off for querying.

Part of this I think (at least with writing) is that my heart or whatever is focused on Silver. I want to. get. it. out THERE *gestures in the general direction of the nearest Barnes and Noble* So anything else at this point feels secondary.

I also have a bunch of other stories craving attention like Michigan Triangle WHICH I DIDN’T EVEN FINISH YET. Honestly, I’m scared to look at my NaNo winner disaster child.  Like I wrote it in a Hans Zimmer and Creedence Clearwater fueled rage so WHO KNOWS what it even is.

However I do plan on finishing it in the summer and I am excited BECAUSE MAGICIANS AND SNOW AND FROZEN LAKES.

So I feel a little of kilter, also my writing schedule has been different. I haven’t been writing first thing in the morning, and I think I need to go back to that.

(Also, since when did I become a morning person? Like I don’t understand what’s happening. Like…I like getting up early?? This has been happening over the last few years but I just feel weird because even though I like getting up early and getting stuff done early in the morning, I don’t like actually going out of the house early in the morning. But I like it better than leaving the house in the evening. In general, I just don’t like leaving the house. Except walks. I like taking walks.)

ANYHOO, that’s what this week has been. Ciao!

What have YOU been up to? How is your writing going? And what is your go to music when you write? Or do you not listen to anything when you write?

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