How Writers Celebrate Christmas

Ho Ho Ho.

It’s Christmastime and like any other normal human being (though writers aren’t anywhere near normal, we’re somewhere out there in the Land of Weird) writers celebrate too. With presents and cookies and eggnog and defeating the White Witch.

But if you’re wondering what OTHER things writers do during the holidays, let me tell you.

We write. OH WOW, you’re so surprised aren’t you? We just can’t take ourselves away from our laptops and notebooks, and we might even write a Christmas story if we’re feeling particularly festive and jingle jangle.

We DON’T write. Ok that was total contradictory but listen. We’re off from school, work, slaying trolls, whatever. Finally we have some time to write. Do we use it? UM NO. We take naps instead.

Read. Because there is no better time to read than  when it’s cold and snowy and you’re all cuddled on the couch with candles and blankets….if you live in warmer weather I have no idea what you do.

Become a hermit. There is no school and no work. Time to stay home and chill to Christmas jams and…then your family and friends drag you off to parties but you bring a book JUST in case.

EAT. Writers are basically hobbits, and we love some good food. All the breads, chocolates, cookies, and or course the savory stuff and maybe some mead thrown in there (MUST be drunk out of a horn though).

Short Announcement

This will be my last post before my Christmas/New Year hiatus which will last till uh….mid January??? I mean February I will be back up and running, so you can count on that.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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