2019 Wrap Up and Looking Foward to 2020

*arrives in flapper dress while doing the Charleston*

“It’s not the roaring 20’s,” you say.

*stops and jumps back in time machine*

Anyone else just feel like for 2020 we should all just pretend we’re in the 1920’s???

Anyway, 2019 is ending soon, the decade is ending, and maybe the world is ending too but whatever. I looked back at my blog from last year, and thankfully I didn’t really set any goals. I just said I wanted to finish editing They Called Her Silver (which is basically done), redo Raptor (did not happen) finish drafting Lily’s Real Name is Leviathan (DONE). So yeah, all in all I did pretty well. BUT WHAT ABOUT THIS COMING YEAR????? What are my plans? Schemes for world domination? 


  • Query They Called Her Silver (I don’t even believe myself at this point)
  • Finish the Michigan Triangle (I have other things I need to do but I know I need to finish this before I lose my train of thought on it.)
  • Edit Lily’s Real Name is Leviathan and Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell (I have no idea how I am going to do both. Truth is, I probably won’t. I have to prioritize and pick a favorite child and leave the other to the wolves, erm, bottom of the drawer).

I started an Instagram this year, check it out (link in sidebar). Read some books, my highlights being Black Hawk Down, A Severe Mercy, We Were One, and the Beauty and the Sorrow (WWI, ending made my shiver). (yes, all these are nonfiction but I have been on a nonfiction kick the past few years and there is no sign of it slowing down).

Saw lots of movies (Endgame, Solo, Midway, How to Train Your Dragon: the Hidden World…there were a lot of good one this year). Got hooked on The Crown and the British Baking Show.

Supposedly my most viewed post was It’s My Birthday and Other Things You Didn’t Ask to Know(thanks for being excited about my birthday I guess??) The most liked post was Brain Dumping (is that what it’s called?) but – what if that’s how you wrote a novel (long titles for  the win).  The most discussed were tied with Nanowrimo 2019 Wrap Up, It’s My Birthday (etc) (I guess you guys like when I talk about myself????) and How Many Novels Should You Write at One Time? (very important question).

So *cracks knuckles* with the new year on its way, I’ll be taking suggestions for content. Stuff you want to see discussed, kinds of posts you like, stuff you’re tired of hearing me say (“if you mention Hans Zimmer one more time so help me!”) and whatever. Of course I want to thank you all for following me and my thoughts and crazy journey through writing.

I do hope soon to be sharing more about my stories with you, since I will be entering the querying phase sometime early next year *hyperventilates*

That’s all for now folks!


Header Photo by J A N U P R A S A D on Unsplash


3 responses to “2019 Wrap Up and Looking Foward to 2020”

  1. Good luck querying! I hope everything goes well for you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Blog suggestion: world building
    And of course, all the gifs!


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