There is no Guarantee of a Good Writing Session

First Rule of Having an Effective Writing Session: understanding that there is no way to make sure that every. single. writing session is effective.

While there are tips and tricks (finding the right time of day, the pomodoro method, getting rid of distractions, calling up Gandalf) there never is a guarantee. There is no magic button you can press that will make every time you sit down to write a glorious and successful endeavor.

You can have the same exact writing routine every day and there will still be bad days and good days. There will be days when you fly through your word count, and days you just barely meet it. Days you love your story, days you think it is utter and complete trash.

Just like going to the gym. There will be days when you have energy, days when you’re tired, and days when you slam your head into the bar bell (true story).

All you can do is stick to your writing session, stick to the things that you know work. And when the bad days come (and they will) you roll with them.


That was a little aggressive but you get it.

I’m just saying that if you keep trying to find that absolutely perfect writing routine – you’ll never find it.

You just gotta, you know, write.

I swear that’s my best advice on anything. Want to be a writer? Then write. Want to finish that novel? Then write. Got writer’s block? Write. Want the perfect writing routine? Write.

What’s stopping you?

Nanowrimo Update

Passed 28k!! That’s more than my total count last year (I know, sad).

2 responses to “There is no Guarantee of a Good Writing Session”

  1. Shoot Gandalf’s not answering his phone again

    This whole post is something I need to keep telling myself. Sometimes I won’t have that great of a writing session and I’ll only get down a hundred words or so. The tendency is to beat myself up, but those are still words, you know? I can’t always get down 3,000 words per session.


  2. Oh Gandalf. He’s the worst with answering the phone.

    Yes, WORDS ARE WORDS. I feel like writers can be so hard on themselves, and it’s so important to remember that writing something is better than nothing, no matter how small.

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