What was October? Nanowrimo?

IT’S THE END OF OCTOBER. Actually, it’s November now. Less than two months till Christmas. Santa’s elves already have started showing up at my house, not that they’re much help…

October was – fall? Like it got chilly and brisk and rainy and windy and sunshine on green leaves (the leaves took a LONG time to turn color). Performed in a repertoire show, which was three days in a the timeless zone of the “theatre” and had the best spicy three cheese macaroni  I ever had (performing = need for carbs). I started editing Lily while I waited for some feedback on Silver.


What about Nanowrimo?????

While Silver is taking priority (which now includes researching agents. *screams* It just feels so surreal???), I AM doing Nanowrimo. This is my fourth year, and we’ll see if I can actually win this time. *deep breath* *jumps off cliff and hopes parachute opens*

I’m writing a thriller. And…like I don’t want to say that much about it? But it’s set around Christmas in Michigan, so snowy and cold and stuff. And there’s…magic tricks.

We’ll see how this goes. The tentative title is Michigan Triangle.

I haven’t really been active on Twitter, but I will be doing Nanowrimo word sprints because it’s really fun and energizing and is a way to stay FOCUSED.

I started working on it promptly at midnight and someone how pounded out 2,000 words in 46 min. LIKE WHAT?? WHERE DID THIS SUPERPOWER COME FROM??? I also have an awesome playlist that I can’t wait to share with you guys when I do my Nanowrimo wrap up post.

Anything else in November?

Just the usual stuff. Thanksgiving, probably some snow, getting ready for Christmas (getting things done EARLY this year due to two straight weeks of performing The Nutcracker) and editing Silver.

What are you up to? What are you doing for Nanowrimo (if you’re doing it)?




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