Get to Know the Writing Industry When You Know Nothing.

One thing I’m truly grateful for? My mom.

She was a creative writing major, so when I was a wee one and wanted to publish poems she handed me a copy of the Writer’s Market and said, “go for it.”

(Ok we went to the library but whatever.)

I am SO glad that I started reading about the industry from a young age.

The writing industry can seem like a giant mystery to a new writer (or an unpublished writer, or maybe just a writer in general). You may just be sitting there wondering “how even – does it all work??? How do I get an agent? What’s a royalty? Do I get to wear a crown or something?”*

Here are my best tips for getting to know the writing industry when you know nothing.

*unfortunately, no.



Read the Writer’s Market. You can probably find a copy at your library or at a consignment book store. Not only does the Writer’s Market have listings for magazines and publishers and stuff, they also have stuff on query letters, freelancing, author interviews and all sort of helpful stuff.


Follow/keep tab on published writers and agents on social media. They’ll post articles and threads of stuff about the industry, stuff you didn’t even think to ask. From query letters to finances to contracts.


Read. Read blogs, read books. There is a TON of stuff on the industry out there, you just have to find it. Writer’s Digest has stuff online. How to Get a Literary Agent by Chuck Sambuchino is one of my favorites.


In general, just like with writing you need to read in order to write, in order to know the industry you need to read about the industry.

Peace out.

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2 responses to “Get to Know the Writing Industry When You Know Nothing.”

  1. Consistency pays off. Get to know a lot of people and never, ever, burn bridges. Good stuff here. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES! getting to know people is another really good one.


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