Should You Write in the Morning?

Eons ago I wrote a blog about what time of day is the best to write (you can read it here).

I was for writing at whatever time of day that works for you. And I still stand by this. Time is not our own, and what time we have we have to use (that was contradictory but you know what I mean).

BUT, I have noticed that writing in the morning is – different from writing at other times of the day.

While my brain is busy in the morning, is hasn’t yet been filled with the events of the day, and it feels quieter. It’s also more quiet in the house and the sun isn’t as bright so yeah there’s a general quietness about everything. And quietness brings focus.

And it’s nice to start off the day with what I love doing most: writing. To have those quiet hours before all the other frantic work has to be done.

I also feel like I can put all my focus on writing in the morning. Anything else I have to get done that day can be done later. I know I’ll have plenty of time to do it afterwards.

But what about other times of day? What about if I can’t write in the morning?

Because there are days when I can’t, when I have to get out of the house too early. Those days I write in the afternoon, which can be hard as: my mind is now racing with the events of the day, and it’s usually after dance rehearsal so I’m exhausted. BUT, I have a certain love for late afternoon writing sessions, when the sun is really bright and coming hot and orange through my window (nearly setting my laptop on fire). Like I can feel the Vitamin D feeding my creativity.

Or it’s dark and rainy and I sit down on my bed and light a candle (and probably ice my shins) and put on the Hobbit soundtrack or something. #mood.

So what I’m saying is (if I’m saying anything) is write whenever you can, BUT I do believe that the morning has some special qualities to it, and if you can write in the mornings I would say DO IT.

What about you? What time of day do you prefer to write?



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7 responses to “Should You Write in the Morning?”

  1. I like the idea of mornings… but it just doesn’t happen for me. 😆


  2. Even on college writing was always best at night. However, I noticed last year during the seemingly unending grey mornings of winter I enjoyed the coziness of my bed as the place to write. (After coffee and a look at the news). Sometimes when the lighting isn’t so crunchy in late afternoon I’ve had inspiring moments in the comfy living room corner chair.


  3. My time of day to write keeps shifting. I USED to believe I was a solid nighttime writer, and that my creativity was at its peak when I was supposed to be going to bed. (I later found out that this was just because I kept procrastinating and didn’t want to do my writing until I was supposed to go to bed. Oops?) But THEN, about a year ago in the summertime, I realized my peak writing time was mornings. Now that I have a job, however, I’ve started writing at night when everyone else is asleep, and it’s been kind of freeing. To be creating while everyone else is sleeping is one of the weirdest feelings in the world, and I really like it. XD (also I typically work nights, so the mornings are for all the other stuff I need to do, and when I get home is the only free time I really have. So.)

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    1. Work will ALWAYS shift around your writing times, that’s one thing I have found out. Creating when everyone is asleep IS SO weird. Like it kinda feels like you’re a kid staying up past your bedtime??? Thanks for reading!!

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      1. Yes!!! That is exactly what it feels like!! It’s so weird… XD

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  4. Morning. I’m by nature a morning person and an early riser and it’s when I write my best stuff. :)

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    1. Sometimes I wish I was a morning person, life has just sometimes forced me to be one XD. Thanks for reading!!

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