Bad Habits I Have Developed as a Writer (this is gonna be fun I swear)

Been doing this writing thing for a while now (like…a decade). And after you do things for a while you develop some habits. Some good (like writing every day) and some bad.

Like these ones.


Thinking up blog posts and story ideas as I fall asleep. Or am trying to fall asleep. Just, is not helpful. There aren’t a lot of options: forget it by morning or blearily write it down and hope that my handwriting is legible in the morning.


Getting too attached to pens. Good pens are to be treasured. Good pens are to be fought over.


Busting through laptops, either in the literal sense of breaking them or just ruining the life of the battery. I think I’ve had duck tape on all my laptops at some point.


Having too many notebooks, using all of them for different things, and then forgetting what I wrote down in what notebook and frantically searching through them for random info like the name of a magazine or a story idea or the ending of book that I may or may not have written down.


Forgetting what I wrote.

Does anyone else have this problem? Like you think that I, as the writer, would know my own stories backwards and forwards.

I do not. I frequently forget things and it’s just ridiculous.


*in a 1940’s broadcaster voice* That’s all for now folks!

draft 7

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5 responses to “Bad Habits I Have Developed as a Writer (this is gonna be fun I swear)”

  1. I do these things all the time! I think I should figure out where I’m going with my story before falling asleep, and the next thing you know, it’s gone! How rude! :)


    1. Forgetting an idea is just the WORST.

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      1. It is! I stew over it for days after :( Sometimes, I’ll remember parts of it, but rarely does it turn out as well as when I was falling asleep, lol

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  2. I do all of these. Except I get overly attached to my pens, but I also lose all my pens.


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