How was September? What is October? IS THAT NANOWRIMO I SMELL???

First of all, September is my favorite month because it’s my birthday month and also the start of fall (the scientists are wrong. Fall starts September 1st).

September was…September? Like pretty normal stuff. Swan Lake, editing *cries*, reading (Ebola and a book on the Armenian Genocide. Yeah, I like to read fun stuff), dinosaurs, and some more editing.

Oh and my birthday.

How is editing going? Well, I have found it is important to find creative ways to read your MS so you don’t go INSANE. Like read it on Google docs. Read it backwards. Sit in a different location. Read it out loud (or whisper so not to offend anyone including yourself).

What about October? What will be going on?

AHHH so much. But first:


I am planning on posting TWO, and I repeat, TWO blog posts per week, keeping the one on Wednesday and adding one on Saturday. I’ve been running this blog for a while now and feel like I could step up my game. But this is an ATTEMPT. Some weeks may have two blogs but some may not.


I’ve started an Instagram account for my writing!! I know, I know, I already have one, but that one is for my Etsy shop. You can find me at @bernadettebendawriter

What About Nanowrimo?

What about it? You really should not hear anything about it since I shouldn’t be doing it. I have to finish editing Silver, have two first drafts  that need to be edited, another draft that needs to be rewritten, a short story on submission, another short story I don’t know what to do with.

I have no business doing Nanowrimo, and besides the fact it is one of the busiest months of the year for me and I never win.

But –

I wanna do it.

Come late October I just  feel it in my blood and I need to do it. (I also had that stream of consciousness writing idea for a story).

That’s all for now folks!! How was YOUR September? Are YOU doing Nanowrimo? Have you ever won? And if so, you’re AMAZING. 


2 responses to “How was September? What is October? IS THAT NANOWRIMO I SMELL???”

  1. Haha I feel the same way about Nanowrimo! I have so many other projects I could work on, but then November calls and I get pumped and shove everything else to the side LOL

    I just followed you on Instagram! My insta is @spoffk if you want to follow back, I like to bookstagram :D


    1. Thanks for the follow! I’ll check it out :D


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