It’s My Birthday and Other Things You Didn’t Ask to Know

First things first: TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY.


And three days from now on the 22nd is Bilbo and Frodo’s. It is a very momentous week.

I don’t think I’ve ever done a birthday post but here we are. Since I was born on the 19th, I thought I would do 19 miscellaneous facts about me. Yeah, I guess this is sort of a selfish post since it’s all about me, but…whatever.

*deep breath* anyway, here we go. 19 miscellaneous facts you didn’t ask for.

1: Favorite superhero.

BLACK WIDOW. (and no, I’m still not over “it”)

2: Book that inspired me most to write. 

The Hobbit. I must have been around 4 when my Dad read it to me and my imagination hasn’t stopped burning since.

3: Favorite season.

Fall. It makes me want to don my cloak, grab my walking stick, and go steal me a goblet from a dragon.

4: I think Hans Zimmer is the best.

If you have followed this blog long enough you probably know this by now.

5: I started blogging 9 YEARS AGO.

I have been blogging for 9 years and wow, I was such a small one when I started.

6: I have an Etsy shop

I’ve been working it for the past 7 years?? (whoa). I make miniature fairies, and dragons, and unicorns and all sort of magical creatures. Check it out.

7: I love elephants.

I don’t even remember why or how my obsession with elephants began. But just about anything with elephants on it makes me happy.

8: I’ve never won Nanowrimo.

Why do I even mention it? Maybe because after three years I would think I’d get better at it but NO. I have become a faster writer but November is just the craziest month of year.

9: I’m an underwriter.

Honestly, I’d almost say I’m a chronic underwriter. I just get so focused on the main plot and characters I can’t seem to get distracted by any subplots.

10: I’m a coffee AND tea drinker.


11: I love reading non-fiction.

I might have been a little too excited when my aunt told me that Richard Preston had written a new book on the Ebola outbreak in Libera.

12: My favorite color to decorate with is white and to wear is probably black.

I live in extremes apparently.

13: One time I watched Iron Man 2 three times in one week 

“I’m not saying that Uncle Sam can kick back with an iced tea because no one’s been man enough to go toe to toe with me and by best day!”

“It’s not about me! It’s not even really about us. It’s about legacy and what we leave behind for future generations.”

“I’m my defense I was dying, and, aren’t we all?”

14: Longest time spent in a car was 14 hours


15: Longest time spent at a car repair shop was 6 hours.

The only place in walking distance was like a hair salon and Dominoes. This also was before the age of iphones (at least before I had one) and the only thing I had was a Sony Walkman. Ye olden days.

16: I’ve never read a Jane Austen book

*people gasp, spill tea, grab smelling salts, and jump off piers* Nope. Not a single book. In my defense I have read a TON of others classics, so I think that’s just fine.

17: Being said, favorite Jane Austen adaption is 2005 Pride and Prejudice

mr darcy

18: (we’re almost there guys) I’ve killed every succulent I have ever possessed.

This is probably the most tragic fact of all. But frankly I don’t get enough light in my room and it gets too cold in the winter.

19: I LOVE the drafting process.

It’s SO exciting!!! You just don’t what could happen, what characters you could meet along the way, what scenes just turn out boring and stupid and others that will leave you SHAKING afterwards


We did it! We reached the end!! Now I’m off to celebrate by decorating my room for fall, which is becoming a tradition now (it’s what I did last year).

What’s YOUR favorite superhero? Or favorite season? Fun birthday tradition? 

Header Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash



12 responses to “It’s My Birthday and Other Things You Didn’t Ask to Know”

  1. I too have killed every succulent I’ve owned. RIP Ernest (July – September 2019)…

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    1. Ernest and the others will always be remembered


  2. Happy birthday Bernadette!! (And happy birthday to Bilbo and Frodo too, I guess XD) And wow, your Etsy shop is BEAUTIFUL.

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  3. Superhero: Batman. But don’t get me confused by bringing up Ben A or Christian B. (Obviously there’s the Cap. But that goes without saying even though I did say it. So there.)

    Season: Autumn. Especially late October.

    Birthday Tradition: Most people get one day. I get the whole month!!

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  4. I love Black Widow too and I don’t believe I will ever be over “it.” :) Happy Birthday! 🎂🎈🎁


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