When You Take a Road Trip and Meet with Your Editor

So. The big day came last week. I met with my editor for Silver. The first time anyone has read it (also any time anyone has read a novel I’ve written). BUM BUM BUM.

Of course it went a lot better than my nerves was telling me it would go, and we met at a very cute/cool/artsy place for a late lunch (as you do when you meet editors, and have coffee in little white tea cups. Yes I’m serious). Also our table was too small and we ended up scooching another together (because the manuscript needs its own table of course.)

I’ve written another blog about when you meet with an editor (or don’t meet? Phone call, email, whatever), but that was waaay back in the dark ages of 2017, so I think we need to have another post of working with an editor and such things.

Here is what I learned from this round.

Know your nerves and keep to the deadline

No, you don’t have to do an anatomy lesson. I’m talking about this: I set the deadline for myself of how long I had to get Silver ready before I sent it to my editor. I got a lot of work done with it, was feeling really good about it, and really felt it was time for the second eye.

When the time drew near, the less confident I became and began to doubt everything.


If you have to break a deadline, it should be because you didn’t get it done in time. Not because you did it and now you’re wondering “was it enough?” At some point you gotta let the baby go or jump out of the airplane or just go on stage and hope you put enough hairspray on and tied your pointe shoe ribbons tight enough (you cannot understand the fear of them coming undone).

A good editor will not tell you exactly what to do

They can tell you what needs to me improved, deepened, what plot holes to fill, where to pick up the pace, etc. But HOW??? That’s up to you darling. Yes, a good editor will give ideas or examples. But you still have to put brain work into it. An editor will not magically fix all your problems.

You probably will/should agree with your editor

If your editor is saying things that you don’t agree with or understand, it’s either: not the editor for you, or you are WAY off and in some sort of la la land and need to get into reality of what you need to work on to make your novel/story great.

And now *drum roll* to the second part of this: road trips things. My editor moved away, but I did have the chance to drive and see her, which was also my first solo road trip *shouts and sets off fireworks*

Road Trip Things

Rain: I hate driving in rain. Any adverse weather condition where there is something falling from the sky.

Caffeine and snacks are your friends.

I can gun driving for 2 and half hours without a stop *fist pump*

Use a GPS source you trust and like (like I hate google maps because it always messes up on me and Ways freaks me out when it constantly says ALERT THERE’S A STOPPED VEHICLE ON THE SHOULDER).


And that’s all for today folks! Peace out.

Header Photo by yns plt on Unsplash

3 responses to “When You Take a Road Trip and Meet with Your Editor”

  1. The pointe shoe ribbon fear is sooo real…


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