Brain dumping (is that what it’s called?) but – what if that’s how you wrote a novel

So usually I schedule all my blogs at the beginning of each month, so I have time to sit down and think of fun topics and stuff.

I have not done that this month.

I have paid the consequences.

Here I am, writing the day before. And this is the first thing I could think of to talk about, so this is what you’re gonna get.

*curtain opens with dramatic drum roll*

I was thinking about this on my way back from ballet class. Windows open, the Beatles on, steering wheel hot to the touch, ginormous water bottle almost empty.

“What if I wrote a novel, but like brain dumped it?”

Let me explain:

When I get a story idea, I typically putz around with it for a while, take it for walks, gives it snacks, until I think it’s ready (or, “to heck with it I want to write”). I then write an outline of some sort (varying lengths and details), OR, I start writing and outline as I go (it makes sense, don’t worry).

But – what if I did neither?

I guess that’s what you would call “pantsting” or “writing by the seat of your pants”, but I always considered while an actual outline may not be written, you’re still planning the story in your head and thinking where you want to go, and making sure you get there (at least this has always been my perception, but I don’t know, maybe I need glasses).

So what am I talking about??? Where are we?? Obviously we are floating on a green, blue, and white speck in the universe.

So, just for the heck of it, I got the idea to write a story with ABSOLUTELY NO PLANNING AT ALL. Like, not to even care about it. Not think about getting to the end, not thinking about all the plot holes or staying on the main track of the story. Just brain dump it and write whatever.

I know what you’re thinking. That’s a terrible idea. In fact, it’s the worst way to write a novel, worst than writing one on napkins with a graphite pencil.

dumb idea


terrible idea

But that’s not why I want to write it. I want to write it as an experiment.

Particularly because this is how I used to write pre-high school me. I just wrote and never really cared what happened next.

Obviously I don’t think this is the way to get things done. Writing whatever the heck you want doesn’t mean you’ll have a good story and usually isn’t the most efficient way to do things (or….life in general. Don’t be selfish).

I just think it might be kinda fun. I’ve been drafting OWWTSF hard, and I’ll being going into editing for Silver again after I get it back from my editor in like a week (*screams, panics, blasts self to Bermuda*). I also have to edit Lily. (I read it, took notes, and then just stared at it, like looking at a messy room and wondering what to pick up first).

Basically I want to do something fun because why not?

*goes off and buys a zoo as Neil Young plays in the background*

Peace out.

7 responses to “Brain dumping (is that what it’s called?) but – what if that’s how you wrote a novel”

  1. Buy the zoo, join the circus!


  2. Okay, but this idea sounds REALLY fun???? I kinda wish I could try this now… 😂 Please tell me you’re going to blog about this experience!! I NEED to know how this goes!!!


    1. I know right??? I’m planning on trying it in the fall/winter, and there will definitely be a post!


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