Multiple Drafts, Editors, and Squirrels with Dog Bones

I usually plan out my blog posts and get them all scheduled ahead like a neat little fairy that keeps everyone’s plans nice and orderly.

But um…not today.

I’m writing this the night before whilst wracking my brains and pounding my head against the couch at 9 pm with a nose that has been continually stuffy from spring allergies for the last 500 years.


I’ve started drafting Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell for the – we’ll call it the 2nd time. (Really, it’s probably the 4th or 5th but we won’t count the first few because they happened when I was like 12.) I’ve been RACING through it the last two weeks, clocking over 2,000 words a writing session and I’ve been just like wow but…

Sometimes I think this is a summer thing. Like I feel like a write a lot more or at least a lot faster in summer. Maybe it’s because I’m off season (from the ballet company) so I have more time, or maybe because the sun is out longer so I’m able to store up more solar energy.

Anyone else feel this way?

I also sent Silver off yonder to the editor last week (AHHHHHHHHHHH). This is the second project I’ve worked on with her, and I would offer some advice on how to find a good editor, but if I did, using the way I found mine, it would go like this:

Me: Gee, I need an editor.

My sister: I know somebody!

So I guess my suggestion would be…ask around??????? Which there is something to say about that, asking around. If you ask people in about any profession for advice they will eventually say “you have know people.” But I think they usually mean outside of the realm of siblings.

My own advice just contradicted itself and backfired.

Let’s move on.

Last week (or the week before?), I mentioned I saw a squirrel running around with a dog bone. And yesterday I saw a squirrel sitting and chewing something large and white.

The dog bone.

I kept watch until the squirrel spotted something (possibly a monster, possibly a leaf) and dropped the bone. I ran outside and started to inspect it, to make sure it was indeed a bone. I cannot be entirely sure (the DNA results aren’t in yet), but it looked like one of those circular dog bones ones, hollow in the middle. It was hard, and I could see the squirrel’s teeth marks on it.

Looked like a dog bone to me.

the burbs

If you don’t hear from me in a while, know that the Dog Bone Chewing Squirrels got me.





2 responses to “Multiple Drafts, Editors, and Squirrels with Dog Bones”

  1. I’m dying laughing right now… thank you Tom Hanks


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