May Wrap Up and Other World Ending Events


May was a weird month of like no ballet classes, breaking my phone. Endgame (*screams and tears* ).


black widow1
Because (also throwback to the time I injured my knee trying to do this)

There were weirdly cold days, mulling over stories, and buying a fourth pair of sunglasses.


That was May. Like the condensed milk version. Now we can make some pumpkin pie or whatever.

Except it’s June. IT’S SUMMER.

So here is the EXPANDED version of May

Sleeping Beauty Ballet

I was a minion, so Team Evil for the win (though we did not in fact win because of true love and all that nonsense). This show went by so fast. Like – like so fast, like freight train fast. Tech was, well, it was a tech week that’s for sure. And of course I busted my phone on the last day of the show. I also craved french fries the whole week, and I’m not sure what that’s about, except during the last spring show someone handed me a bag of McDonald’s fries and I devoured it like a hungry goblin.

Avengers: Endgame

I went to see it with my family Sunday night, the last day of the show, and was in a stupor for two days.

That’s all I’m gonna say.


I got my hair cut. So that’s cool.

Finished watching the first 2 seasons of the Crown. Why is Philip such a jerk and also CORGIES.

Laid on a friend’s asphalt driveway in the middle of the country for 30 minutes soaking in the sun and the hot rock beneath me like the lizard I actually am.

Found Prey by Michael Crichton and Lone Survivor for a $1 each at the thrift store.

Lessons learned

Getting my cut is nice: I should do it more often


#1 rule of storytelling: a story needs intention and obstacle = conflict.

I’m pretty sure I saw a squirrel running around with a dog bone in its mouth.

Whazzup June?


Hopefully I’ll be spending my time soaking in the warmth and sunshine or else I’m moving to Bermuda.

I’m reading the 1st draft of my Beowulf retelling. I’M SO PUMPED I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU. Also nervous that it’s gonna be terrible and I’ll be like what the heck is this disaster of words and Grendel and blood (the word blood is used a 144 times, so, um, yeah.)

Silver is going to my editor *cue even more screaming as I duck into my secret vault in the backyard beneath the bird feeders*

You remember Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell? That Nanowrimo draft that was such a disaster?? I’M REVAMPING IT. IT’S GETTING A MAKEOVER.

Either this is going to be a glorious rise into the clouds or a terrible blunder and I’ll just end up sinking with the ship.

SO…..what are YOU doing in June? Got any
writing goals for the month??




2 responses to “May Wrap Up and Other World Ending Events”

  1. That’s so cool that you’re a dancer!!! I don’t do it professionally – only super super casual. But! I’m hoping to dance en pointe in Wizard of Oz this summer, so that’s cool.

    What is this Beowulf retelling that you speak of? I am extremely intrigued?? (no, scratch the question marks.) Pls finish it. Soon. I would love to read it. I also soooo relate to the whole lizard-asphalt thing. Yas, girl. Just yas. lol.


    1. I SO hope you’re able to dance in Wizard of Oz, that sounds so fun!
      And just a tad bit more on the Boewulf retelling, it’s an urban fantasy set in a small town in Vermont andIamsoexcitedaboutitasdfg. Thanks for reading!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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