Guess Who Forgot to Write a Blog


SOMEONE forgot to prepare a blog post for the 1st of May (and the whole rest of May), because I took Holy Week off which threw everything off, and now I’m in the middle of tech week for Sleeping Beauty (the ballet, in which I get to be a scary minion of Carabosse and wear purple horns and scare the small children. Best way to spend a weekend).

It’s tech week, so I’m a little brain dead. I’m just slowly working away on edits for Silver (it’s really coming along). Hopefully, it will be ready by June so I can send it to my editor.

Other than that, I don’t have much to say this week, though I would like to give the suggestion that every once and a while you should take a day off (don’t be like me who unexpectedly crashes one Sunday night and then just takes a whole week off).

Breaks are good. Recharge your batteries. Unplug, or plug in, whatever works. Have some chocolate and cake.

Happy May.

Got anything fun going on this weekend?
Better than having four performances??
How are your WIPs coming along?

One response to “Guess Who Forgot to Write a Blog”

  1. Awesome blog, as they all are. We are going to miss the ballet, so sorry. But, we are heading to OU to watch and celebrate our grand daughter’s graduation from nursing program….lots of fun for the whole family. May you be blessed with the best performance ever!!!!! Love you, Marie and Elizabeth, too!!!😊😊😊❤❤❤

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