Should You Read Nonfiction as a Fiction Writer?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I LOVE reading nonfiction.



Writers are constantly berated with the fact that they need to read fiction. That they need to read within their genre. And WE DO NEED TO READ FICTION. I mean, we make fiction, so we better be familiar with it. But you know what is also important to be familiar with? LIFE.

Life experience is really important for writers. If a new adventure lands on your lap (or the opportunity for one), chances are you should take it. (I know that sucks if you are an introvert like me. I too would rather stay inside with my crafts and movie and there are plenty of days when I do.)

BUT, there are limits to what experiences we can have. Like traveling is a great experience, but um, that costs money, and too often our bank accounts say no. Sometimes we are just too busy to do things and take new adventures.

Nonfiction offers another option. 

When you can’t ACTUALLY travel, a book can take you ANYWHERE.

Nonfiction, whether it be a memoir, historical, political commentary, or biography, gives you a lens into aspects of life you may never be able to experience. You get to experience new tastes (like how a grenade tastes metallic after it explodes), new sounds (the bells of Oxford), new sights (yachting on the Caribbean), and super random things (like if you kick someone in the femoral artery you can knock them out). 

There are SO many things out there to learn. So much knowledge to be gained that can enhance your writing. Knowledge is power, after all.

Chat time. What’s YOUR favorite
nonfiction book? Or do you prefer
not to read nonfiction?

2 responses to “Should You Read Nonfiction as a Fiction Writer?”

  1. Favorite non fiction book… The Last Days of the Romanovs


  2. So hard to choose Right now I’m loving Them by Ben Sasse. I find non fiction to be more interesting than most fiction since it takes a great story that grabs me from the first sentence and takes me for a wild ride of both suspense and wonder. Not many books do that for me.

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