Am I a Good Writer?

Any artist of any medium (dance, painting, writing) will probably wonder at some point, “Am I a good [insert thing]?” In our case, “Am I a good writer?” 

My first thought about this is CAUTION. *alarm bells and tornado sirens* This can lead down a deep, dark worm hole, from whence you may never return. Why is it so dangerous?

Because there is a lie in the question, “Am I a good writer?”

That’s not to say there aren’t “bad” writers and that there aren’t “good” writers. There are people who can’t write, and there are people who are masters with the written word.

The lie is that “good” is a very arbitrary word. Good compared to what? Charles Dickens or a third grader? Just because you can’t write as well as prolific writers doesn’t mean you’re a “bad” writer.

You don’t have to be the next Agatha Christie to be a “good” writer. 

Not being as good at something as someone else does not mean you shouldn’t do it at all.

Now, I do want to say that wondering if you can “make it” as a writer is a real question. I don’t have the answer, firstly because I don’t know you and secondly because I can’t see the future.

I am one of those people who believe that talent is important. I also believe that hard work is just (if not more) as important.

And honestly, the best way to find out if you are a writer is by writing. Wondering about this “good” stuff is not that important.


It’s April. When and how did this happen? February and March flew by, though January feels like it was five years ago.

I’m almost finished with my Beowulf retelling, which I am very excited about. I didn’t outline, like at all. I wrote a few notes and sometimes vaguely planned some scenes out. But back in the fall I just started. No plan. Just wrote.

And it’s um, a mess. Editing will be LOADS of fun. Though I’m actually excited to edit? There is just so much of the story that needs to be fleshed out and so many subplots that got left behind. Editing is going to be like writing it all over again.

Though I’m not going to write a 2nd draft from scratch. I hate doing that.

Also, my suspense novel They Called Her Silver is still being edited (by me), and I’m hoping (cross fingers, knock on wood and all that) that I will be able to start querying next January.

*screams into pillows*


2 responses to “Am I a Good Writer?”

  1. Writing is so subjective! You can write a good story, but that doesn’t make you a “good” writer. I heard a quote the other day that said something like “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard enough.” 💛 Have fun with editing!


    1. Yes! That quote about talent is SO true! Thank you!

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