I got a little secret for you. Here, come closer.


There. I said it.

It’s easy to become the writer who is constantly searching for the perfect writing routine/method. They bundle their belongings on a stick and go out searching, searching, and searching, like they are looking for El Darado

But why is there no perfect writing routine? The real, simple reason is that there is nothing perfect in life, except perhaps Aragorn’s entrances.


“But what will I do???” The writer with all their possessions bundled on a stick asks. “I still have to find a routine that works!”

AHA. That’s it. It’s not about finding the perfect routine. It’s about finding the one that works. That works for you right here, right now. It may not work two months from now, or two years from now. But find one that works NOW.

I don’t have any secrets to finding a successful routine. But you should experiment, find things that don’t and do work. But most importantly you should write. Get yourself in a chair and write.

Some writers work best in the morning. Some at night. Some like the pomodoro method. Some need a bottle of water by them (me), or some need five cups of coffee. Whatever it is, do it, and stick with it until it no longer works.

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Let’s talk!
What writing routines do you find works best for you?

Header Photo byΒ Manji SoΒ onΒ Unsplash

4 thoughts on “How to Find the Perfect Writing Routine

  1. Love this post. Also the gif and your reference to it made me burst out laughing. :) I need coffee AND water to write (high maintenance I guess haha). I’m definitely a morning writer, too. Coming to terms with that has given me SO much extra writing time.


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