“Am I Writer?” We’re Asking the Question the Wrong Way

“Am I a writer?” can seem like a really harsh question that will send you down the spiraling slide of doom into an endless loop of despair.

But it is a legit question. The problem lies with how we are asking it.

If you are considering writing as a career (or your calling, as I would prefer to refer to it as), you do need to answer that question. Because you wouldn’t want to pursue something you aren’t meant to and thus waste all your time.

So, when we ask, “Am I a writer?” we shouldn’t do any of this:

  • Compare ourselves to other writers
  • Think we must have certain things accomplished by a certain age
  • Think we must write a certain amount every day
  • Think we have to know certain things
  • Or have certain degree
  • Etc.

What we should ask is…I don’t think I even want to put specific questions to it, since each writer is so different. I would suggest analyzing the reason you are asking that question.

Maybe you are doubting. You’ve been stuck in a rut and haven’t written in a while. You have begun to doubt that you are a writer. If you are in this place, you must first consider why you are in a rut. Maybe it’s just because your life is crazy right now. Maybe you are going through a crisis. This simply might not be the season in your life to write.

Or maybe you are discovering that you are not a writer, or at least not someone who wants to pursue writing as a career.

And that’s OK, especially if you are on the younger side of the age spectrum (like yours truly), and you are trying to figure out what the heck you want to do with your life. I mean how many of us end up doing what we wanted to do when we were kids?

I wanted to be an architect for the longest time. Am I one? Nope.

If you feel yourself pulling away from writing, that’s OK. If you find that it makes you sad to pull away, that probably means you are a writer. If you are like whatever, then maybe it’s not what you are supposed to do.

Just remember there’s only one thing that makes you a writer. Writing. 


I got a new laptop!! I mean, I got it like three weeks ago, but a part didn’t work, so I was shipped a new part with no instructions on how to install it. Thus, I became Tony Stark.

Meaning I unscrewed some things and screwed some things back in.

But I love it!!! The keyboard is nice and wide, and the keys aren’t super loud and clicky, but a nice, soft clicky. Also, it’s a nicer make than my last laptop, so it won’t break if I drop it (because…this happens).

Header Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash


4 responses to ““Am I Writer?” We’re Asking the Question the Wrong Way”

  1. You are an amazing Tony Stark 😎

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  2. Love this post! :) I think if you even question whether or not you are a writer, then you are probably a storyteller at heart. Just because you don’t write like someone else doesn’t mean you’re not a writer. 💛


    1. So true! Thanks for the comment!

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  3. […] honestly, the best way to find out if you are a writer is by writing. Wondering about this “good” stuff is not that […]


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