In which we talk about two things that could not decide on a plot line: A recent first draft of mine and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.


Let’s start off with Fallen Kingdom, given you probably have more knowledge of it than my first draft (considering like…no one has read it).

This is the progression of the plot:

This is about whether or not dinosaurs deserve the same rights as animals. This is about saving cute dinos (let’s ignore all the times they ate people). Oh, random rich guy who looks like he’s going to woo Claire away from Owen. This is about Owen and Claire’s relationship. It’s about jerks who want to genetically engineer more dinos. It’s about selling the dinos and the greed of Russian billionaires. It’s about this new scary dino. It’s about needing Blue’s blood. It’s about this kid that is genetically engineered. It’s about letting the dinos die. But they don’t, and they are loosed upon the world where we get a rather apocalyptic ending with a voice over by Jeff Goldblum, that now the human race might all get taken over by dinos, and Claire and Owen are driving and looking grim and scared, while the girl has this smirk in her eyes as she watches the Pterodactyls. END.

So um…what??

That’s how it felt at the end of the movie. In fact everyone watching with me pretty much jumped off the couch yelling “WHAT?”

It. Could. Not. Stick. With. Something.

It needed tying up of loose ends. Claire and Owen’s relationship. The genetically engineered girl. Loose, dangling ends.

Also theme. Theme is what the story is about. I personally never focus on theme. Like, ever. But when I read a book or watch a movie, I can tell you whether it has a theme or not. Not what the theme is, but whether there is one.

It needed a mood that was consistent throughout the story. 

Now, my own first draft had this problem, my fantasy Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell. After I initially finished the draft, I was on a high. I thought it was AMAZING. IT WAS SO GOOD.

Then I picked it back up several months later. 

I read through it in one night, put the MS down on my lap and said “what????”

It was… a mess. It’s not that there wasn’t a plot, or that characters didn’t have motivation. There were plenty of motives. Just…the story kept going in different directions. First it was they need to do this, then they needed to do this instead, but then they actually needed to do this and suddenly the ending was about something totally different. 

What am I even talking about here you ask? Just complaining about things? Kind of. 

Really I’m just trying to make a point. You can have as many subplots as you want, but there must be a single plot. Lord of the Rings has LOT of things happening, but the plot is still is consistent, destroy the Ring.

It’s like if the Lord of the Rings starting with them wanting to destroy the ring but they end up wanting to assassinate Sauron instead, but they do that and there ends up being a war between Gondor and Rohan.

You’d be like, “what???”

Don’t do that. Just…Don’t



Good chat. 

3 thoughts on “Boo! Pick a Plot Line (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and my own dumpster fire WIP)

  1. I totally agree with you! When Jurassic World ended I was sooo underwhelmed. Like they threw a really big moral argument at us at the end about letting dinosaurs just roam free with people, but then that was kind of … it. Theme was definitely the problem! And subplots need to drive the whole narrative forward, not just go on their own merry little way lol. Good luck with your manuscript!


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