“Should You Read When You are Writing?”

“Should you read when you are writing?”

This is a common writer question. Will reading a book influence your writing and hence forth ruin it? Will you automatically start plagiarizing? WILL THE WORLD END AS WE KNOW IT???

I’m not here today to talk about principles, about the dangers of plagiarizing, or the effect outside things will have on what you write. I am here to talk about a logistical problem. 

“Should you read when you are writing?”

Well, when should I read??????

Because generally speaking, writers are always writing. Sure, I take breaks. But I still think about writing. I’m still planning stories and letting them form. I’m still seeking out new adventures. I finish a project, and I go on to the next one. There is no not writing. 

So, when the heck am I supposed to read? There is no point in my life where my writing would be completely safe from not being influenced by something I’m reading.

I say, yes, of course you should read when you are writing!! Or just not read at all if it’s worrying you that much, but um…that would be BORING.


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