2018 wrap-up, 2019 goals, and other end of the year commentary

So, um, haha, I meant to publish this last week.



 2018 was a long year, but at the same time it was a very short year (like every year seems to be). It I also felt like it never stuck being 2018. It still felt like 2017, or perhaps already 2019.

     Maybe I just felt like that because 17 is such a nice, happy, agreeably number, and it’s the color yellow. 

18 is blue and snobby, in love with 19, and wishes to ignore its younger sibling 17. So it’s not as nice as 17.

(In case you didn’t know before, you do now: I have synesthesia.)

But whatever. What happened in 2018??

Well, for starters I wrote a grand total of 126, 993 words. That is a very rough estimate. It does not include:

  • Stuff in my journal
  • Notes and all handwritten outlines of my stories
  • Any revised or new scenes written for anything, which I feel like I spent most of my time doing.

     What did I actually write??

  • Continued editing They Called Her Silver
  • Finished a draft of Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell (a dumpster fire)
  • Finished a draft of Raptor (scrapping it)
  • Continued editing When the Crows Murdered the Moor
  • Started drafting Lily’s Real Name is Leviathan
  • Finished a short story retelling of the Nutcracker
  • Did some outlining and stuff for an untitled thriller

     No wonder I’ve felt like quitting and joining the Brethren of the Coast or becoming a shepherd in the hills and spending all my time yodeling. 

I also performed in two ballets and one repertoire show, totaling in 14 performances and many outreaches.

I read some books. My highlights probably being Jurassic Park and the Count of Monte Cristo. Funny story about the Count:

I’ve been wanting to read it for years, and I found a copy at a thrift store for like a dollar. I looked over it carefully to make sure it wasn’t an abridged edition. Nope. Bought it. Started reading it and loved it. Until one day I noticed on the cover a small, tiny print, reading: abridged edition.

*slams head on table*

Oh, well. I kept reading. They just cut out the boring and unimportant parts in abridged editions, right??


The whole last quarter of the book was cut, mid chapter, MID PARAGRAPH. What monsters did this?? (Anyway, I bought a real one, and it was great.)



When the Crows Murdered the Moor is going to be finished in January and launched from Cape Canaveral into the dark abyss that lies above and hopefully will not be eaten by Martians.

Meaning, it will be going on submission.

I would like to finish editing They Called Her Silver. Raptor needs to be rewritten. Lily’s Real Name is Leviathan needs to be finished…

So, I have some plans for 2019. Who knows what will happen. Blogs will keep coming out every Wednesday, and maybe I’ll actually head back to Twitter.

The most viewed post on here was My Thoughts on the Chosen One Trope. But Don’t Let Your Story Disappoint was the most liked, probably because it involved Winnie the Pooh.

Anyway, I want to issue a big THANK YOU to all my followers and anyone who liked, read, stumbled across, momentary traveled to, or even just looked at this blog. I’ve been blogging for years, and it’s weird to imagine all the strangers that have read all these thoughts and commentaries. It’s also weird knowing lot of people I actually know read this.

I mean it’s cool, and I love it, but sometimes I forget I’m not just spewing all this into outer space.

So, *grabs champagne glass that probably just has water in it* hears to a Happy New Year!

happy new year

Header Photo by Josh Boot on Unsplash

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