Nanowrimo 2018 – A Dumpster Fire

OK…what even happened????

(In other words, I did not win.)

I originally was not going to do Nanowrimo this year, because the last three months of 2018 were going to be crazier than usual, and I wouldn’t have time for it.

But then October rolled around – that scent of Autumn and running around in windy weather and madly writing words came upon me. 

I thought, “Well, I got the bug. I guess I’m doing Nanowrimo after all.” 

So I began. 


Yeah. The beginning was great. By day three I was 5,000 words ahead. The world had unfolded before me. I was ready to race to the edges of the map – 

Then I got sick. Then I had to work. Then I was tired. Then I rolled along like a pebble down the hill with an avalanche. 

My grand total of words ended at 26,122. I reached halfway point, but I did significantly worse than the previous two years. But whatever. 


YET. I am happy with what I did this year. I made a lot of progress on my novel in a very busy month (I actually started it back in October). And though I wrote fewer words, I feel like I wrote more

I squeezed in writing time before going to work in the morning. I wrote in bed and pushed 500-1,000 words. I wrote at the dinner table, on the couch, in my bed, and at my desk. 

I didn’t wait for a designated writing time. I found time and wrote when I had it. 

So, with that I am very pleased. 

NOW FOR SNIPPETS (this is an urban fantasy Beowulf retelling, fiy). 

Lily pushed back a tear. Maybe Mrs. Hiem was right. It just made her cry. One tear splashed down on her sketch of a tree. She stopped.
 She watched as the little bit of water spread and smeared the grey graphite. She shoved the pad off her lap with an angry sigh and threw her pencil with it.
 She stuck out her lip and stared at the door.
  Someone was there.
  She almost shrieked, but the sound caught in her throat as she opened her mouth. It was the Dragon, but as a man, a man in a black suit. He stood staring at her from the door, though she had never heard it open. He said nothing and did not move.


 “Where do you think I would keep her?” Cain said. His hands pressed to the floor, like he was going to push himself up. He swallowed down his blood again. “She’s in the Tower.”
Elisha froze. Everything seemed to freeze. He felt his blood turn cold.
  Lily was in the Tower.
Cain pushed himself up to his feet. As he did, he began to grin, with the blood soaked between his white teeth.
 But Elisha raised his pistol and shot him in the face. 

(P.S. He’s sort of immortal and did not die here.) 

Elisha pulled Sigurd to a stop. They had reached the edge of the woods.
  It dove down in a cliff, with the sides blackened and charred and dead roots hanging out like broken bones. There was a field below it, but it too was barren, filled with nothing but dead grass.
  The Tower. It stood in the center, with the woods and the cliff all around it. Stone, with a flat top. About it a huge walls of flames burned as thick as a storm. The woods flashed in the light, and it smarted in Elisha’s eyes.

SOOOOO, how did your Nanowrimo go? Or did you not do it? 

Well, tis the whole holiday season upon us with wind, rain, snow, jingle bells, Nutcrackers, and frantic shopping whilst trying to find a parking spot that isn’t in Afghanistan. Good luck. 

Header Photo by Dustin Lee on Unsplash

2 responses to “Nanowrimo 2018 – A Dumpster Fire”

  1. “Rolled like a pebble down the hill with an avalanche” Same, girl, same! I didn’t make it to 50k either, but I ended up with more words than I originally had, and that counts for something! What you wrote is still an accomplishment, so hats off to you! :)


    1. It is something! *high fives* at least we wrote, that’s what matters

      Liked by 1 person

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