A famous man once said “you should write for yourself”

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Let’s start this again….

SO THERE’S THIS SAYING, that you should write for yourself. 

Like, that sounds pretty selfish right? I mean the world doesn’t revolve around ourselves, so why should our writing??

It shouldn’t, obviously. But this isn’t about the “why” you write, it’s the mindset when you are writing.  

You know how if you cook a meal for yourself it’s not really stressful, because if it turns about bad no one is going to cry about it except yourself?

That’s basically what “write for yourself means”. It means writing your book as if no one will ever read it. Dance like no one is watching kinda thing. Takes the stress off. Let’s you write things without worrying what people will think of it.

It also means you don’t write to please other people. So while you may not live for yourself, you are not here simply to make other people happy. And your writing isn’t meant to do that either, because there will always be someone out there who doesn’t like your book, so don’t write it to make everyone happy because then no one will be happy including yourself.

This is getting a little existentialist *slows down rocket ship before it enters the quantum realm*

Disclaimer: Editing. With editing you do have to have a little bit of a different mindset, since you are now working on making your book readable.

So anyway….thanks for listening.

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