If I had it my way, I would wear costumes all the time.

Ok, maybe not all the time, but I would wear a sweeping cloak to the grocery store if it was socially acceptable and people wouldn’t trip their carts on it. 

But this time of year – all the costumes!!! 

So I’ve compiled a list of some ideas of a more literary fashion than just a white sheet with some holes poked into it. Some “writerly” ideas


A writer. 

This one might seem obvious or even boring, but think about it, IT HAS SO MANY INTERPRETATIONS.

You could just dress up as yourself. Grab a pen, some notebooks, maybe a laptop, put on some sweaters or corduroy pants and you have it. Or pick a famous writer and dress as them.



Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. All you need is a blue dress, striped socks, and a black headband, and you are set to fall through the rabbit hole!



A librarian.

Get your cardigan, your glasses, a stack of classic works that nobody has read. Put your best “I’m the boss” face on and tell all the little tricker-treaters  they better be quiet.


Bilbo Baggins. I mean you have to dress up as him at least once in your life, right????

Cut a table cloth into a cape, get a vest, find a branch from the back yard and use it as a walking stick and go run after some dwarves.


A book. I have no idea how you would dress up as a book but I dare you to try it


What am I dressing up as??? Possibly a newsie. But maybe I’ll bail and just be a pirate again because that pretty much is my default position.

Above: evidence

Peace out.

Header Photo by Rebelsaurus (Katie Harp) on Unsplash


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