Why Autumn is Such a Great Time to Write

It’s FALL. That means sweaters, pumpkins, lattes, leaf piles, and owls and foxes on EVERYTHING.

No more bugs! No more 90 degrees! And even the scent of dying leaves smells good!

I love fall. It is truly a great time of year. I think it is especially a great time of year to do one of my favorite things: WRITE. Autumn is a great time to write, and let me tell you why.

1 fall


It’s now the time of year when it is socially acceptable to never leave your cave.

In summer everyone is all BEACHES, PARTIES, VACATIONS!!! And as a writer you are just staring out your window at all the little kids carrying their noodles as they go off to the pool, and you’re just sitting there indoors. Writing.

You feel a little like you might be being judged.

But no longer! It’s autumn. Now it’s cold, rainy, cloudy, and no one is going to blame you for staying inside.

2 fall


Autumn is also a season of great literary importance. September 22 is the birthday of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, and it is also when Frodo set off with his companions for Rivendell.

Don your cloak, grab your dagger, stuff a map in your pocket (don’t forget a handkerchief), and go hit the road to find your adventure, but remember, “If you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

3 fall


Did someone say pumpkin spice??

While writers will unabashedly chug down large amounts of tea and coffee any day of the year, during fall it’s now both fashionable and practical.

It’s cold and grey, and nothing says have a warm beverage more than a blustery day.

4 fall

MOODS. I don’t know why but fall is just MOODY. Like mist, bare trees, howling wind, and leaves that rattle down the sidewalks. The very air smells like inspiration!

fall border


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Header Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash


3 responses to “Why Autumn is Such a Great Time to Write”

  1. I love everything about Fall, but one in particular comes to mind right away. Cold, raining, wet colored leaves covering the entire road while I drive along. The wet colored leaves are so brilliant. And another favorite memory is driving along a road with lots of fallen leaves on the road and when I look in my rear view mirror, all the leaves on the road rise up in the wind and fly all over the place. It is a pretty sight! Oh, and when all the leaves are down, huge flocks of birds traveling from tree top to tree top, and sometimes, they all gather in a big field and there are like thousands of these birds. It is as if they are all communicating on where are they heading next. Then they all take off, in a beautiful way that is like a ballet dance. It is beautiful to watch and wonder! Thinking of Fall just puts a smile on my face and wonder in my heart.


    1. That’s such a beautiful descriptions. Thanks for sharing it you put some wonder in my heart as well :)


  2. Catherine Marie Poe Avatar
    Catherine Marie Poe

    This is perfect! You are right! It is an ideal time to write. Never thought about that. The change of nature all around us can allow us to ponder. For example: The beauty of gold, red, and orange that appears after summer green. Colors creating stillness and warmth in a heart! The “glow” before the loss of leaves. I then am taken to a deeper reminder. The tremendous beauty in our souls as we prepare to meet our eternal joy! Just an autumn reflection!


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