Liebster Award

*drumroll please* Clara nominated me for the Liebster Award, so hey!! That’s cool. liebsteraward

So. Questions! *cracks knuckles*

1: Your favorite book of the year?


I’m going to have to go with Jurassic Park. I was obsessed with dinosaurs as a young child, and I feel like everything has come full circle now that I read it.

2: Reylo: yes or no? (“Reylo” is the idea of Kylo Ren and Rey getting together for those of you who don’t know what it means.) And if that awkward shirtless scene was supposed to add some chemistry…it didn’t.

3: Plot or character?

*throws hands in air* This is hard. I’m going to have to go with character. Characters make the plot happen. So.

4: Favorite place to shop?

Any craft store ever.

5: If you could go on an all-expense paid vacation, where would you go and what would you do?

THE MOON. Just kidding. Maybe Hobbiton??

But for real. I think I would go to the beach, but somewhere mountain-y, where I can have a cabin on the shore and write, do art, and watch the waves.

6: Favorite musical?

I would say Greatest Showman but I feel like everyone would so that. So.

My Fair Lady. It was one of my favorites movie as a kid, and Audrey Hepburn is amazing.

7: Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?

If I want coffee, Starbucks. But if I want a donut, I’m going to Dunkin.

8: Ice cream of donuts?

WHY NOT BOTH TOGETHER?? I’m going to have to go with donuts. If you put one in front of me, I swear I will devour it like a ravenous beast.

9: Favorites superhero?

You asked for it:




10: French or Spanish?

Neither. I studied Latin in school. So, if I hadn’t forgotten most of it, I would be able to go back in time and converse with Caesar.

11: Literature or Science?

Literature! I’m a writer after all.

There you have it!

Here are the rules:

  • Link to this blog post in your Liebster Award blog post
  • Answer the questions given to you (if nominated, if you were not nominated you can use my questions.)
  • Create more questions for your nominees to answer (I’m looking for unique and creative ones.)
  • Comment on this blog post with a link DIRECTLY to your Liebster award. To make it easy for me to read them all.

The official page and everything is found here. 

So. I’m going to be terrible and hand out free nominations. Your mission, if you choose to except it, answer these bizarre questions:

1: Based off your blog, what would your superhero name be?
2: If you owned a colony on the moon, what would you name it?
3: If you and whatever you are currently touching got sucked into a book, what would you have to defend yourself from a dragon?
4: If you had to pick a book to describe your childhood, what would it be?
5: Why is a raven like a writing desk?
6: If you had a song that played every time you entered a room, what would it be?
7: Best song to drive to?
8: Best season of the year?
9: Extrovert? Introvert? Undecided??
10: Cats or dogs?
11: Early bird or night owl or sad potato?

If you choose to except, don’t forget to link back to me because I would love to see your answers!

2 responses to “Liebster Award”

  1. I love Audrey Hepburn but I have yet to watch My Fair Lady. I need to make time for that.
    Great answers; thanks for taking the time to do this!


    1. Again, thanks for nominating me! It was fun to do


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