Writing is sort of a portable job – all you need is your laptop (or your notebook, or whatever you use). So in theory, you could write anywhere.

But not every place is an equally good place to write. What are the options? How do they measure up? (pulls tape out of Mary Poppin’s bag).


Writing at the desk. This is ideal, at least to my humble opinion. At the desk, you have the option to sit upright (but let’s be honest here, how often do I sit at a desk and sit upright?? I usually just crouch on the chair like gollum or put my feet up on a settle after a hard days work).

You can have your beverage of choice within range. Your notes can sit next to the laptop, and you can have a jar of pens and pencils right there at your disposal. Perfect.


Writing in the bed is – ick. 

I don’t know how people write in bed. Part of this might because I have insomnia and I’m like “ew, bed”, and because it’s on a loft so climbing up the ladder and hauling all my materials is just way too much work.

And also, too comfy? Squishy mattresses and pillows are just not ideal for getting work done.


I love the floor. The floor is just such a great place to be. It makes me feel so grounded *wink wink*.

The only bad thing is ow, my back. So writing on the floor has some pros and cons.


Then there are coffee shops, but we do not speak of such things here. 

There are of course other public places. The library, the park, the bus station, the hotel lobby, the Louvre…

But out there is just too much energy and too many people *hides under blankets*


Writing in the great outdoors seems like it would be such a dream, right? The wind blowing in your hair, the sun shining in your eyes, the ants crawling in your lap – 

Ok never mind. It’s not so great. 

Don’t get me wrong. I love being outside, and I find a lot of inspiration out there. But as for getting the writing done?? Where is my comfortable chair? Why are there so many bugs? I’m hot, cold, wet, dry, etc.

I also just end up wanting stare at the clouds. So. Distractions!!

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Photo by kilarov zaneit on Unsplash

One thought on “What are the Best Places to Write?

  1. I like to write in my rocking chair that sits next to an open window on the 3rd floor of the condo building that I live in. Right outside the window are beautiful trees, and lots of them, so I write in a tree house, but protected from all the bugs, thanks to window screens! There is a deep window ledge for placing reference books, coffee, pens, etc., and a nice coffee table in front of me….It is my favorite place to write, read, pray….Thanks for your inspiration, BernadetteMichael!


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