All a Writer Need is…

Love, love is all you need! *takes off headphones* Did you say something? Sorry, I was groov’in.

baby groot

I believe that there is an overall concurrence within the general public that the breed of people known as writers don’t need much. 

giphy (59)rocket

OK, fine, fine, fine, FINE. Maybe writers are a little demanding, but we only want total perfection here.

What exactly do we need? I’ll tell you. 


A nice, quiet place to write that is some miles away from any intelligent life forms. Maybe the beach, a mountain cabin, a castle in the highlands…

It would be nice for a little village to be nearby, but otherwise supplies brought in by air drop will work just fine. 


COFFEE. Or some other sustenance to keep that brain churning those wheels. 

If it’s me, it’s a great deal of water and an abhorrent amount of trail mix.


Books. Writers need books like squirrels need acorns. (And like squirrels, writers like to put them all over the house and forget where they put them.)

Books serve a lot of purposes. They entertain, educate, and inspire the writer.

They are also very useful for barricading the door when the villagers pay a visit, or when readers come with pitchforks, wrathful with the death of their favorite character. 


PENS. PENCILS. EVERY SORT OF WRITING UTENSIL. Crayons are also acceptable.

These are for those moments of inspiration when the computer isn’t there. For those wake up in the middle of the night moments of brilliance. (Which often in the morning turns out to be no better than what a potato could write.)

And writers need LOTS of them, because things like pens tend to go missing. Pens are easily misplaced, and also there always seems to be a gremlin that lives in the house that steals them all????


A hobby. Because sometimes writers tend to have no chill, and everyone needs to chill. (Like a penguin. Swim, eat fish, do your job, then chill. Be a penguin.)

Take up fishing. Or knitting. Or building super suits in your basement and then blowing them all up on Christmas Eve. 


And last but not least: 

A cow as white as milk, a cape as red as blood, and one ring to rule them and in the darkness bind them. 

Or just a slipper as pure as gold because you can probably use that to barter with your local dragon.

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  1. Cute post! Definitely need the coffee, lol

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