The problem with being a writer (and there are many) is that even if you are writing full time, it really never is a 9-5. Because even if you quit at 5, sit down on your couch and turn on your favorite show, there is something looking over your shoulder, a dark cloud looming over you, a beast constantly breathing down the back of your neck.

Your novel.

So yeah, it feel likes the work is never done (because it really isn’t). And because it’s never done, maybe you feel bad about taking a break. Maybe after you finish that first draft, it feels near impossible to put it away for a few weeks, because you JUST WANT TO GET IT DONE.

That’s me. Sometimes I’ve taken the allotted break, sometimes I’ve plunged right into editing. But either way, I’m always working on something.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Vacations and taking breaks. Probably because it is SUMMMEEER (and hot sunny days just make me want to lie down and read a book and take a nap. Though cold cloudy days make me want to do the same…..maybe I’m just in a constant state of wanting to lie down. Probably).

And conflicting with wanting to take a vacation (and wanting to lie down) is wanting to get it done. Wanting to write. Wanting to finish writing your novel.

So, as I drive off today for a summer road trip, I am not going to hop in the car and immediately start editing my novel. I am going to draw. 

Dot to dot to be exact.

I’m SOOO excited to color these in
sosososoososos many dots *pulls out magnifying glass*

So. Find something fun to do. Take a break. Let that beast *novel* breath down the back of your neck. Ignore it. 

*or don’t and just keep writing and drink some more coffee because that will fix everything, riiiight?*

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