How to Stay Alive as a Writer

You are a writer. You read novels and books on writing craft. You spend hours practicing writing and editing. You go to conferences and writing workshops.

Well, that’s great. But that is keeping the writer alive. It’s not keeping you alive. 

Yes, we are actually human beings after all.

While I am no health professional, I am a professional ballet dancer, so that counts as something. I know some things about taking care of yourself. 

Believe it or not, (writers) you have to take care of yourself. Here are some steps. 




The best way to do this is keep a glass of water (or water bottle) by your side whenever you sit down to write. 

(I always feel like a drink an abhorrent amount of water during my writing shifts. But it’s better than being hydrated. So.)

plant2Eat good snacks. 

I always get very hungry when writing. Snacks are good, because otherwise I spend my time thinking about my hunger instead of actually writing.

Just make sure it’s something healthy. I wouldn’t just sit on your couch and eat bonbons all day. 


“Yeah,” you say. “But what about that whole exercising thing? Do writers have to do that too?” 

Well, I’m not the ruler of your life, so don’t look at me. But it is good to get moving. You don’t have to go to the gym or take cardio classes. A long walk is good enough.

Or maybe even intersperse writing and working out. Write ten minutes, one minute plank. Write ten minutes, ten push ups…If you can’t get yourself to devote a stretch of time for working out, just mix it in. 



I mean like your neck and back. Those muscles can get really cramped when you are sitting at a desk, or a couch, or on your bed, or wherever you like to perch yourself for hours a day.

Go on pinterest and find some good neck and back stretches. Do those maybe midway through your writing shift, or after – whatever will work for you.


SLEEP. I swear sleep is soooooo underrated among writers, and that’s just sad because without it either we die or become zombies and terrorize our families.

Also we are not Einstein (sorry Tony Stark).

So sleep.

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