5 Misconceptions About Writers (like no one has done this before)

It seems sometimes writers are held to a mythological level. Writers spend their time roaming misty hills in the highlands, or in small, dark offices, or huddling in the corners of coffee shops.

But REALLY? DO WE DO THESE THINGS?? Are the myths all true???

I don’t know. I can only speak for myself over here. But let’s go over a few.


“Writers do not have as social life.”

Excuse me, but this feels like someone has a personal vendetta against me. But here’s the thing: WHO gets to decide what a social life actually IS???

I think people are just judgey against hermits.


“Writers read, really, really, fast.” 

Yeah, well, if the book is interesting I will. If it’s a boring blob, no. If it’s a brick (aka, Les Miserables) no. Also, sometimes I don’t have a lot of time to read, so it may take a few months to get through a book.

Basically, if you want me to read fast, give me Micheal Crichton or Richard Preston.


“Writers can come up with a story in no time.” 

Um, nooooo. Example:

Kid: tell me a story!
Me: Well, hang on a bit.
Me: *goes on walk, brainstorms, writes down pages of notes and returns two years later*
Me: Now I’m ready!!


“A writer’s life is glamorous.” 

I mean, if sitting at a desk all day surrounded by granola bar wrappers and bags of trail mix and empty water glasses, not to mention the paper scattered everywhere, the broken ceiling fan…

Yeah, sure, it’s glamorous. 


This is actually two in one, but whatever.

I was searching the “inter-webs” for misconceptions about writers and found these two gems: 

“Writers are permanently depressed.” And, “All writers are alcoholics.” 

Thank you to whomever earned us writers this reputation.

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3 responses to “5 Misconceptions About Writers (like no one has done this before)”

  1. mphadventuregirl Avatar

    Bloggers are writers basically. I am actually writing a children’s a book: a book I originally thought to be a series. A chapter book with pictures.

    1. We do have social lives- think about if there actually are writers in college
    2. It is hard to be super fast especially if you have to keep on looking up words


    1. YES. Looking up words does really slow the reading down. XD


      1. mphadventuregirl Avatar

        I am reading Nicholas Nickleby right now and finished about 15 or so chapters and looked up quite a bit of words. Those classics from the 1800s and earlier have a number of words I don’t know what they mean so I have to look them up


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