Is Writing Easy? Does it Matter?

I don’t like questions like this. It’s similar to asking if pointe shoes hurt. Well….I mean I am balancing my whole body weight on my toes, it doesn’t exactly feel like fluffy pillows. (I do understand why people ask this question, but it was the only similarity I could think of).

So is writing difficult? Well, it’s not a ride through the park.

But seriously, why is this even a question? I guess a part of it comes from the misconceptions that writers live glamorous lives and writing is relaxing and is amazing that they can live off “just writing stories!”

Then all the writers jump up and shout that writing is not easy and they all grab their picket signs and torches.

So here’s my beef: Does it matter???


No one likes to see their job (or their life) devalued, and I think that’s what writers feel whenever someone says “writing is easy” or how magical and fun it would be to make up stories all day. (Okay. Sometimes it is fun and magical and unicorns and dragons are pet favorites for writers.)

So it does matter in one sense. Writers deserve respect for the work they do. And to quote Anton Ego “Not everyone can be a great artist” (but a great artist can come form anywhere). So writers like be recognized, just like anyone else.

We’re not playing the lazy game over here.

But still I go back to my original beef.


Not that kind of beef.


giphy (55)

Again, for the sake of writers and their work being respected YES. IT DOES MATTER. Hard work goes into writing.

On the other hand….whatever. People will think what they think. And there is always the pitfall of us writers taking ourselves too seriously. We do after all have pet unicorns and dragons. I mean sometimes we are a little ridiculous.

giphy (56)

In general…I guess it’s just that you can’t rely on the world to take you seriously. That’s your job.

Just don’t take yourself too seriously. 

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One response to “Is Writing Easy? Does it Matter?”

  1. Cute post, and you’re absolutely right, writing is hard work!


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