Stages of Writing a 2nd Draft (as told by gifs)

So. You have finished your first draft. HIP HIP HORRAY!! Good for you! *pat on back*


So you have your beautiful, gleaming – confusing, junk filled, messy, first draft. Time to fix it and write the 2nd draft.

And now I present to you an illustrated guide to the stages of writing your 2nd draft, featuring Pirates of the Caribbean *cue dramatic music*

The Stages

When you sit down with all your notebooks, pens, and computer(s) and prepare to embark…

draft 6


Once you start reading and realize….a lot of this is trash

giphy (23)

Continue to read and the panic sets in…this is all trash!!!!!!

draft 2

*light bulb!* You’ve thought a solution to all the problems. 

draft 7


You do everything you plannedd to do, working for hours and hours. Still is trash. *Throws trash away*

draft 8


*puddles in exhaustion *

draft 3


Try again and try to find that perfect wording.

draft 4

*Nails it like a boss*

draft 5.gif

repeat as necessary

border for blog


    Have  a great rest of your day!! Best of writing to you!!!

draft 8

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