I CAN’T THINK OF A BLOG POST (and 2 month recap)

Like nope, there ain’t nothing there.

Got no thoughts about writing. I mean I’ve been writing a lot – just not thinking about writing  I guess??

I came here to say I have nothing to talk about. I considered pulling the “since I don’t know what to write about I’ll write about what to do when you don’t know what to write about” card but it just didn’t seem right so here we are.

But as it is the end of February (WHERE IS 2018 GOING? COME BACK TO ME!!! I thought I would do a recap of the first two month of 2018.

blog recap

Blogging has been successful this year – I haven’t missed posting a blog so there’s that.

Our top ranking post so far was last week’s “Sometimes the Best You Can Do is Delete” 

I’m actually surprised this one turned out well. I was desperate for ideas and wrote this out on a whim. So that’s cool.

editing and deleting

And next up was “Writing Battles (Besides Stabbing) Part 2” This also is a favorite of mine.

blog recap writing

UH….guess it’s time to talk about myself a little.

  • my novel Silver – I meant to finish editing the first draft by February, but I caught a dreadful cold during the last week of January. So instead of editing, I slept and binge watched Once Upon a Time for a few days.
  • I started editing my fantasy epic the Green Crow. It’s going – well let’s just say that it’s going somewhere. It could be the moon or garbage can I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.
  • When the Crows Murdered the Moor (my sci-fi short) is being picked up again!! I met with my editor last week.
  • I started the Raptor again for the GAZILLIONTH TIME. (It’s connected to Silver. A world of spies and mutants.)

border for blog

blog question

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