What to Do When You Can’t Write

Right now I am sitting in my bed, surrounded by tissue, bottles of vitamin water, and blankets.

I’m sick.

I’ve been sick for five days now. You know what I’ve done in those five days??? Well, not much, least of all: write.

I wrote down some plot ideas in a journal and jotted down a few editing notes. That’s it.

I wish I could have written, but that didn’t happen because my brain has been too full of mucus to think. So here we are, with an unexpected and unwelcome vacation from writing.

Honestly, I’m not just here to describe my woes to you, I do have something to say.

“What do you do when you can’t write?”

Because let’s face it – life gets in the way and suddenly we find ourselves either without the times to write or the capability to write.

Then what are we supposed to do????


Cry and succumb to misery and despair.


DON’T succumb to misery and despair because that’s no fun for anyone.


Realize that whatever is preventing you from writing is right now more important than writing.

For instance: when you’re sick you need to rest because otherwise you won’t ever get better and instead of being sick for 2 days you will now be sick for 5 days.

So rest. Get better, and then you can start writing again. Overcome the problem – or wait till the problem goes away.


If, IF, you absolutely cannot stand not writing – find something you CAN do.

It may not be pounding out words for a first draft, or editing piles of pages, or writing query letters…..

But you can find something. Brainstorm some ideas for that story you’ve had in mind, read through your writing, plan some blog posts…

Or nap. Napping is good too.


We have come to the end, and the most important thing I have to say is…

*falls asleep because of cold*

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