What to Buy that Writer in Your Life for Christmas

It’s near the end of November, which means it’s almost December, which means it’s almost Advent and Christmas is not far off

I’m REALLY NOT trying to stress you out here.

If you’re like me, you have started to think about Christmas presents (well, I’ve started thinking about them back in August so whatever). Like a lot of people, you’re probably short on ideas.

Let me help you out.

Actually…I’ve come to help for a more specific situation. Writers.

You have a writer in your life. You ARE the writer in your life and people don’t know what to get for you because writers don’t need anything to live, right??


Here are some suggestions.



Notebooks are an obvious #1 choice. A writer would NEVER turn down a notebook. Some writers will use them and fill them up within a week, while others will simple stare at their gorgeousness for the next ten years.

Tip: If you can, see if the writer (or you) have any notebooks “quirks”. For instance, I like ones that are lined and “squishy” and “floppy” spiral bound is the best. (Now ya’ll know what to get me for Christmas)



What’s the use of a notebook if they have nothing to write with?? Writers could always use pens and pencils, especially if the’re really nice ones or are really cool and decorative.


Writers LIVE on coffee. Or tea. (or some freaks like me also really enjoy good old water). A bag (or box) of some gourmet tea or coffee will satisfy and excite your writing friend as I’m sure they’ve been drinking Maxwell House for the past year. (writers aren’t rich you know)


Writers don’t just write books, they read them too. Now you may be thinking “yeah, but I don’t know what kind of fiction they like.”

There are others books than fiction.

Writers like practical books too. Name books, the Writers Guide to Weapons (great book), or if they’re looking to get published, perhaps that years Writers Market. Or are they interested in anything else?

Like owls

I like owls. I like shiny coffee table books with huge GORGEOUS pictures.


This might sound strange, but you know those heating pads filled with rice that you can just warm up in the microwave and drape over your neck?


Sitting at a laptop, hunched over intensely all day can create some real aches. Make sure your writer is taking care of themselves.

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Hope you have some ideas now and that your bags are full! Enjoy wrapping!!!

(wait, it’s only November 22nd….too early to warp…hide bags in your closet then?)

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