When you read the first draft

You write the infamous word THE END. Your first draft is done. Maybe it took a year. Maybe you knocked it out in a week. Either way, it’s a great feeling to see your work finished


giphy (30).gif

Well – there’s one, tiny, tiny thing.

You still have to edit. *sighs heavily and crawls back under blankets*

One of the first steps of editing is reading your draft. And boy is that a lot of fun. And there are certainly some memorable moments.



Typos. I mean, we all have them. Sometimes they’re nothing, sometimes they’re funny (instead of “the young man” “the young young.”) and then…

Then there are those times you can tell you were writingreallyreallyfastbecausethere are five hundred mistakes.

You laugh. Then cry as you start worrying about hiring a proofreader as you realize you are broke.

giphy (31)


The moments when your writing JUST SINGS.

giphy (32)

Really, there are no words.


When your plot starts to not make sense and you can’t tell what is happening.

giphy (33)




When your characters come to life and you realize how much they love coffee and how this one is secretly snarky and all these wonderful quirks.

giphy (21)


Then there are those OTHER characters that just…need help

giphy (35)



When you are using too many words and you can tell you were just trying desperately to reach the word count for the day.

giphy (34)


And the last (my personal one): when you can tell what movies you were watching because suddenly everything is very piratey and you had been basically watching (and listening to) At World’s End on loop.

giphy (37)

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4 responses to “When you read the first draft”

  1. Absolutely fabulous! I love the movie snapshots…they make me laugh! What movie is the dancing Egyptian? And the “HIGH 5” CHARACTERS? Heeeeeeeheeeee……. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to read, first draft, they entire work you just finished. And how your words and thoughts take on the essence of the last movie you watched. I get that…the first time I watched pirates if the Caribbean I responded to everyone. “That’s interesting even to my mom. I liked that response because it was like not a response that judged what the person was saying. Anyway.. keep writing sister and make sure you get up today and dance and sing! Love you

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    1. So glad you liked it!!! The gifs are from the Emperor’s New Groove. It’s the most ridiculous movie ever but it’s a load of fun XD.


  2. Super cute post, and so true!

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