How to make your writing space AMAZING

A while back I posted a thing on why you need a writing space. Today I am going to show you how to do it.

Well, I’m not going to show you how to do, just give you some tips

And PICTURES!!!!!!


Every great work of art starts with an idea (and yes, home decor is an art within itself). For your writing space, you need an idea.

Pinterest is the obvious candidate.

Collect pictures of the writing space OF YOUR DREAMS. GO BIG AND GO WILD. After you collect them, sit back and realize how impossible these rooms are and fall into despair as you realize your room will never be Pinterest worthy.

Actually, do NOT do that.

Instead, pinpoint elements of those dream rooms and see what can be incorporated into your own.

Example: my dream writing space is a super lofty loft that is just amazing with super high ceilings and stuff.

Well guess what. I don’t have that. BUT.

To make it look apartment like, I created a fake sitting area in my room. And for the high ceiling effect, I hung pictures lower down on the wall, opening the space up.


Need cheap rugs?? Got this one at Five Below for $5.




Now you must choose a color scheme.


Ok. Ok calm down. *deep breath* I really love white walls. 

I went on this mad streak and painted my walls white, my furniture white, and just about everything I own white. It looks AMAZING.

giphy (25)

Color. I’m talking about color. What color you use for your room (or “space”) is very important. Yellow makes people happy. Red makes people excited. White makes me calm.

So pick a color. Pick a color you like, a color that makes you feel what you need to feel when you write (does that make a lick of sense?). Whether this means a coat of new paint, or the decorations, pictures, or what not, get a color scheme, and stick to it.


You need a desk. Or a chair. Or a couch. Or a swing set I really don’t care you just need something you are comfortable in SO GET IT.

It’s really hard to write when all you can think of is how uncomfortable you are and how much your back hurts.


A little something that gives you encouragement or makes you happy is great to have around. Hang it on the wall, have it sit on your desk, have it dangle in front of your eyes from the ceiling.

I personally have Mike Wazowski watching me.

IMG_1915 (1)
Yes. This thing sits on my desk and stares at me

I also have this motivational poster:



Clutter is never inspirational (though I do dream about having a super old, dingy office in the attic/garage scattered with papers. Notes on scraps of newspapers, sketches taped on the wall, so really who am I kidding clutter is great).

In general, the less mess, the less stress. This is done by A: cleaning up after ourselves (what a bore, right?) And B: organization.

Organization is what I want to talk about.

You got stuff. I got stuff. We all got stuff.

Pens, notebooks, notes, weird things like USBs and excess command strips, TBR piles etc. So get some nice jars for the pens, get boxes for books, and shove everything else in the drawer because no one need know how messy you actually are.

Bonus tip: not only should you have a cool jar, but it gets better when all your pens and pencils are matchy-matchy.


It’s really hard to do anything when you can’t see. Given, most of us write with laptops so even in our bat cave with the lights off we can still “see”.

But let’s face it: we need light. Like plants. Water and light. Just minus being stuck in dirt.

Get a lamp. A nice lamp. A lamp with a fox that will watch you just like Mike.


Or get some string lights. OR FAIRY LIGHTS.

border for blog

There is it! I hope you are now inspired to go forth and create your amazing space, knowing exactly what to do! know..this gave you a little sense of where to head.



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2 responses to “How to make your writing space AMAZING”

  1. Did you make Mike? He is such a happy face! I laugh how you make your ceilings high with low mounted pics… brilliant! Thank you for the laughter and am smiling this eve. Love you, Marie


  2. Reblogged this on Author Don Massenzio and commented:
    Check out this great post on making your writing space amazing from Bernadette Benda’s blog


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