Summer Wrap Up 2017


It’s September guys. And you know what that means????? FALL. SWEATERS. PUMPKINS. OWLS. BATS.

I really love Autumn. I’m not summer’s biggest fan but…here is a wrap up of those glorious (???) summer months.

books 2017

books for blog

As you can see I didn’t read that many books, but in my defense two of them are large enough to kill someone with.

blog 2017

blogs for blogs
Read Here.                         Read Here.                              Read Here.                  Read Here. 
blogs for blogs 2
Read Here.                           Read Here                                   Read Here.                    Read Here.
blogs for blogs 3
Read Here.                             Read Here.                             Read Here.                   Read Here.


I think my images got progressively better…


When the Crows Murdered the Moor: still editing that thing *screams in frustration and throws pages at crows while the Beatles play in the background*
The Green Crow: Um….it’s DONE??? WHAT?? I FINISHED A FIRST DRAFT??? A high fantasy trilogy I’ve been working on since the spring of freshmen high school year.
Silver: Whipped that baby out. My nanowrimo novel that I didn’t finish in November so I finished it this summer (possible excerpt coming up…..???)

And one more *drumroll*

I kinda maybe started a brand new novel. Like, BRAND NEW. NO ONE HAS EVEN HEARD OF IT AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS.

Working title: This is Where the Earth Ends.

movies 2017

movies for blogs

It definitely was a good summer for movies. (Except for the King Kong one. That sucked). Dunkirk was a topper. I saw it with my aunt and sister at a 10 pm showing, in an old, tiny theater. We were the only ones there.

And despite contrary opinion, I really enjoyed Pirates. And I may or may not have cried at the end…..

I also was unexpectedly emotional during Wonder Woman. I was moved.

Well, that’s all folks!

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